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Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores).

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zoi Ganiatsou-Creations (Blog + Newspaper)

Icon by Zoi Ganiatsou

Let me introduce you to  a new blog created and blessed by  good intentions and high disposition for co-creation amidst an era, whereas good intentions mostly become underestimated and co-creation also goes under investigation by many people.
The occasion was unveiled  several months ago, while I was given the opportunity to express my talent in photo editing on videos, for an event that took place in Summer 2013 at Ampliani Village of Evritania region (Greece).
Personally I do not have any relationship with this village, nor origin from there, other than I belong to the portion of the Greeks who truly love their country and  nation, even though people have tremendously heartbroken me.
Nevertheless I keep following the same path many Greeks used to,becoming  alive warriors and supporters of Hellenic Spirit and by warming the longitudinal course of Hellenic culture.
Given my love for our homeland and my intention to offer work,  as a spiritual creator and bringer of the Cosmic Laws , I forward the Law of Offering and  firmly believe in the Law of Attraction.
What does this mean?
Means that when asked to offer help I do help without any consideration, and  you can see the result here ...
Since then, an new idea has been cultivated in my mind and manifested  with the help and co-creation of Mrs Zoi Ganiatsou, who turned out to an amazing ...apprentice and excellent Assistant in the promotion and dissemination of ideas concerning both  the Ampliani Village and the region of Evrytania  as well as the creativity and manifestation of many talents, such as painting, sketching and handicrafts.
The result is the blog entitled  Ganiatsou Zoi Creations, as well as the newspaper "TA NEA TIS AMPLIANIS"-"THE NEWS OF AMPLIANI".

What excites me throughout our cooperation is the discovery of new ideas, talents and the achievement  to reveal the beauties of Greece and talents that seek for an opportunity to elect.

I hope the collaboration and the outcome of our creative efforts will be considered as a brilliant example for many Greeks.

* The above article is also published in Greek language>click here.

Katerina Kostaki


Academy of Inner Light (Network)
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