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Down from ages, governance is the universal law that governs all the laws making the world and its universe in motion on lofty essence of independence. Its cadence is in tune with harmony, the silence is another eloquence which binds all in defence. 
   The jungle is the mirror to fathom how the lion, the lioness and their cubs are well-versed in political brains. Through splendid governance of themselves they rule the minutest animal to the mammoth animals in the jungle.
      History has authenticated beyond mortals’ thoughts that Africans are not a tyro regard to governance. In the ages behind the horizon as five hundred (500)B.C, the Nok culture rooted in the fertile soil of Nigeria, excelled in the world, furnace were manipulated to colliquate iron. The Nigeria state of Benin shared ambassadors with Portugal in 1486.
Timbuktu in Mali was Falak al aflak [the highest heaven] in governance and commerce on all the four winds in international fame, having Mansa Musa as their leader is the trademark with a name. Priceless bronze sculptures were weaved marvellous strange in Ife, where governance solidified by maturity, cultured people, brilliant strategies, tactics, refined skills cum spirituality were ennoblement that can never be found in the books of Machiavelli, Rousseau, Hume, Bertrand Russel, Tacitus, Hegel, Sun Tzu,…. The fierce porcupine warriors of Ashanti Kingdom, successfully withstood the British almost a century in a mellifluous victory. Militant warrior and the wisest ruler, Menelik II of Ethiopia devoured Italy in humiliation at the battle of Adowa on March 1, 1896, over 3,000 Italians were buried and more than 4,000, captured into captivity. Nubia, Zulu, ancient Zimbabwe, Songhai and the ancient Ghana empires mightiest deeds in governance are written on the golden steel and what hands or magic can wipe?
      This saying of George Orwell rings purer as monks’ bell: “Who controls the past controls the future”. Africans has done it before the ages and Africans can do it again with impetus that transcends the highest status. Sankofa (“Going to bring back what is worthy as voyager’s compass for certainty future”), echoes the cadent adage of our ancestors. It is twisted, but not broken; which means it can be straightened.
     Kwame Nkrumah, the man whose whole being was sacrificed on the sacrificial altar of Africa said, “Today, from now on, there is a new African in the world and that new African is ready to fight his own battle and show that after all the black man is capable of managing his own affairs. We are going to demonstrate to the world, to the other nations, young as we are that we are prepared to lay our own foundation”. Governance of accountability salted with equality, responsibility, loyalty, self – denial, workable national consensus as one people with one being and oneness of future are the recipes, Africans need in urgency and necessity to heal themselves from crippled political malnutrition for fantastical futures, the totality to African future. Practical political plans which roots penetrate beneath the ground to the underworld; neither borrowed from East nor West, but original in originality that indeed, fix or solve the African riddles of the Sphinx destroying the political brains of Africans. Political ideology tried and tested through the blazing fire without found wanting in impotent ashes but dazzling in brilliance on the faces of all his people, the African peoples.
     Democratic governance for the people as our forefathers did in Ashanti Kingdom and erstwhile in Africa, the queen mother or the senior female of the Kingly lineage chosen the eligible males with a sincere approval of the elders (males and females) of that line for the final chosen one to be selected. That nomination is conveyed to a council of elders, who stands for other lineages in the town or district. The elders therefore unveiled the nomination to the whole people. The citizens’ approval or disapproval of the nominee is the final seal for the new king to be enstooled. Africans must make their feet swift as eagle against the evil machinations of foreign powers and their interventions. The Immortal Emerson revealed this awesome insight, “It is only as man put off all foreign support and stands alone, that I see him to be strong and to prevail”. I must add, George Washington presidential farewell address, in 17 September, 1796, as an addendum: “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence, the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government”. 
Political brain is the perfect strain for democratic governance of the people, for the people to gain again and again. Dictatorship is a pain in the rain. Wars, famine, boundary rivalries, economy lax are the consequences of poor governance by megalomania and charlatans who they claimed to be leaders.
      Human beings are in existence of continuity through one and only channel called sexuality. For this to become possibility gender must emerged in oneness (male and female). The spirituality and tangibility of humanity in the society is his or her sexuality, by destroying it, the entire universe is in its final negation of annihilation. African beliefs, refined culture, tradition, customs and values embrace the discipline of morality for both genders. African respects the masculinity and feminity of every gender. As Africans we have our own created institution we have created from the past into the future consciously and unconsciously concerning male and female, and each has a role each must perform it part for the beautification of the whole.

       The chauvinistic mentality against women is obsolete; is in the state of obscurity. Why should you curse the womb that has sheltered you in bliss? Violence done to women is devilish, insanity and completely wipes a civilized society. Women has the paramount life’s drama to always perform on the stage of the world for the audience to catch the sparkling glimpse of all the spheres of practical life      comedy, tragedy, irony, melodrama, poetry, myth and mystery for the chance to advance and dance well to the timely tunes of life. Woman is the bearer and the holder of every sexuality thus her womb of time produces a boy and a girl for the perpetuation of creation of procreation to grow in multiplication to avoid sudden destruction. The home is a home, where intelligence that goes with the hands of a woman are always at work without unnecessary restrictions.


    Chivalry for all women ends misery. I am paraphrasing what the erudite, Kwegyir Aggrey expounded, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate the entire nation”. A nation begins at home. The woman is the nation. History is full of classic examples of women who did what men dared to do. Yaa Asantewaa, the then Queen mother of Ejisu was the military strategist of the powerful Ashanti Kingdom, when men became boys playing with toys. Even Afraniwaa, from Offinso, one of the renowned towns of the Ashantis, holded the gun, pulled the trigger and men was falling with their worn and torn bodies in 1900.

Florence Nightingale, the inventor of modern nursing, a scholar, an intelligent woman give us a radiant virtue of life:

 It does not make a thing good, that it is remarkable that a woman should

 have been able to it. Neither does it makes a thing bad, which would have

 been good had a man done it, that it has been done by a woman. Oh, leave

 these jargons, and go your way straight to God’s work, in simplicity and

 singleness of heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What we all naturally with a reproving look is a woman who holds unto wrongdoings as a vulture hovered on the carcasses. Modesty, moderation, discipline and reverence for men and women, diligence, wisdom are the core African values for all women of all classes. But leave her alone for her to do what is right, for the right to be done. Is a pleasant to behold the wisdom of Sojourner Truth, in her philosophical poem:                                                                                                                                   

Ain’t I a woman?

Look at me

Look at my arm!

I have plowed and planted

and gathered into barns

and no man could head me….

And ain’t I a woman?

I could work as much

And eat as much as a man

When I could get it

And bear the lash as well

and ain’t I a woman?
I have born thirteen children

                      and seen most all sold into slavery

        and when I cried out a mother’s grief

   none but Jesus hear me…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and ain’t I a woman?…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If the first woman God ever made

was strong enough to turn the world

upside down, all alone                                                                                                                                together women ought to be able to turn it

rightside up again.

The poem above from a black woman, has said it all beyond the powers of oracle and panegyric orators.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


       The ancient black Egyptians prospered in the entire cosmology because of the literary spirit within them that speak and write on walls of journal. In ancient Egypt, it was the necessity of creative imagination for calculation of when the waters in the Nile would flood, for agriculture purpose, computation for the prediction and time of solar eclipses, history, art and literature. The priests, the elites invented a scroll and ink, the bank of information. Africans’ silos of useful information was rotten in carnal. The written thunder was silence in pestilence and effort to stir for eloquence, the unsung rhythm of cadence resulting in losing its essence. When your information bank turned into decadence, then where is your independence? But nevertheless our ancestors wrote on papyrus, in which the word paper was derived. We can see the graffiti on their walls, masks, terra cotta art works, and magnificent drawings on their tombs, caves and palaces. The generation of our times should unriddle from the wondrous literary works from antiquity to bring them into our modernity for advancement of African future for posterity.
Literacy is the safest and ablest cure to ignorance and backwardness. Literacy is the eagle’s wings soaring Europeans and Asians across the galaxies. Critical thinking is the antidote for mental opium. The ingenuity of a person through literacy overcomes timorous. A society whose ladder is literacy, climb mountains onto the mountaintops with no hands and no feet. Illiteracy is a defeat. The beat of the talking drum sends goose bumps to the wild antelopes in the jungle to run in heat. Literacy to all should be food we daily eat. Folklore
from the lips of the griot is sweet. Learning by learning mastery meet. Stick to your books and pen as a little bird in a passionate tweet. Literacy is intertwined with governance of stoical blood in truth and in spirit. “Socrates’ attempt to substantiate his political convictions on the arguments of reason rather than on the will of Gods resulted in criticism, of his philosophy on the part of the slaveowners, and he was forced to drink a cup of hemlock. Representatives of the ruling class understood even in those distant times that reason and critical thinking could become a mighty weapon spearheaded against them. The death of Socrates was simultaneously the birth of a new attitude to the world based on knowledge rather than on a blind faith in destiny and a fear of Gods’ revenge,” by What is Philosophy (ABC of Political Philosophy) Progress Publishers, Moscow.
      Thinkers and literary men and women such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen, Nietzsche, Milton, Omar Khayyam, Bertrand Russell, Zhang Zang, Leo Tolstoy,  Margaret Fuller, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, etc., - made intellectual declaration of independence for their various nations by literacy and education. They wrote, spoke and shaped their laws, culture, education, science, technology, customs, and social systems by their own creative literature. Alas! we Africans have bards, sages, griots, and philosophers whose cistern feed us with milk that never dry.  
The teachers of our cultural heritage, science, technology, education, politics, history and literature. Hail Ngugi wa Thiongo, Chinua Achebe, Ayi Kwei Armah, Peter Abrahams, Niyi Osundare, Amilcar Cabral, J. P. Clark, Willie Abraham, Agostinho Neto,  Kwame Anthony Appiah, Christopher Okigbo, Kwame Dawes, Amos Tutuola, Wole Soyinka, Ama Ata Aidoo, Efua Sutherland, Akinyi Princess of K’ Orinda - Yimbo and others; for being our godfathers and godmothers, our forerunners! The following poem below is a token of Appellation of Distinction to all our literary giants in literature ushering us into fantastical futures where African literature is African future in this digital age. Wole Soyinka, the fullest moon represents all the stars in the firmament of African literature:

                                                WOLE SOYINKA (THE AFRICAN GENIUS)
Swiftest-darting Star soaring the heavens above
The Sirius outshining from afar blazed the unknown path
Though char Star yet makes the galaxies move
The wounded bruising scar sprouted the dove
Ever new-born forest tree from the Ancestors’ grove
Luxuriant verdure the sun, birds, beasts paean with love
The Seer, Ogun, sacrifice upon his altar elephant not calf
In the Pierian Spring he bath.
The ink and the scroll the Muses dying to have
Sailed beyond cerulean height with a laugh
The circle encircled the universe and left them half
The wind that ushers voyagers to the wharf
Rune undecipherable by the moon or dwarf
But shining in bold stroke on the scarlet scarf

The Bard whose kinky grey hair is the celestial dome
The ancient Ile-Ife is his ancestral home
Treasure hunters in pang hunting for his tome
Semper et ubique dazzling as the days of Rome
The golden beard making the sages roam
 The book of nature echoes wondrous strange tone
 The sword which buried the fledging minds in the zone
 If you cannot comprehend the bone
 Bolekaja! then you see who owns the throne
On the mountaintop lies the headstone
 Sacred even to be touched by immortal stone
Like fluid fit in a square and a cone
 The Erudite, whom the Aphrodite sings well-done
 He found the never a one to compare to none

The pickaxe that dig deepest for the divine horn
 Dungeon became his abode for him to be torn
Alas, lion dared to devour whom the Gods have born!
For demagogue this luminous sage is a thorn
 The pen must uproot the weed which scorn,
 For the viable growth of the corn
Ocean depths for the literati to shun
The candlelight of the Bard always on
 To comfort the dark not to be forlorn
Anansi weaving the wisdom knot in his loom
Smiled in cheek unrolled the stone from the tomb
 In sleek, The Man Died, raised from death’s womb
 The hair in creek nourish by the comb
 The stoical griot in blood whose aura mute the bomb.
                                                                                              Osman Abraham Lincoln



          It is for us the young writers to follow the path of these heroes with our creative tools to build on and meet the African future in excellence. Professor, Wole Soyinka, has given unto us the prophetic inspiration that is fathomable:

                                            The heroes may be dead, but imagination is not;

                                            their literature constitutes an essential dimension

                                           of the educational development of the ‘new Africa.’

          Education should not fall into abnegation but a salvation to all souls. Better educational structures with Infrastructures towards a developmental need of the people and the environment are a progress to a civilised society. Lack of education led the primitive man and woman into darkness. Education is the light that shines with greatness. Understanding meaning to whatever we acquire through learning is crucial. A purposeful life seeks for the unknown in the future. The classroom teaching must hinge on purpose, application, building, principle, precept, problem solving, teamwork, concentration, cognition, connection (upon the diversity of things in the world, the world is interconnectivity in its every activity). Connections between wisdom and understanding, context and content, accuracy and contradiction, knowledge and application. Victor Frankl said, “The striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in humankind.” Learning for examination sake and forget is of no avail. “Chew and pour” style of learning must be dead in dread. What is the essence when we learn and forget? The memory must be stirred by realities to remind us of what we have learnt. ”No reception without reaction, no impression without correlative expression,” wrote William James, an outstanding psychologist of all times.

          This era of ours has brought forth the greatest opportunities with the fervent help of new technology which enhance learning, thorough research to meet the African future in the field of education. Computer education should not be ephemeral but rather rising in permanence. Every African must possessed adequate knowledge of computer in eminence. Alvin Toffler, the prominent futurist and the author of Powershift explains, “No Nation can operate a 21st – century economy without a  21st   century electronic infrastructure, embracing computers, data communications, and the other new media.

          At rare moments in history the advance of knowledge has smashed through old barriers. The most important of these breakthroughs has been the invention of new tools for thinking and communication, like the ideogram… the alphabet… the zero… and in our century, the computer.”

      Colonial education is still a weed that needs to be rooted out for the brightest African future lead. How long should our educational structures bleed? We need to sow our own seed of excellent educational structures to avoid any seed dormancy in our African soil of education. The government, African educationalists, African philosophers, African scholars and policy makers must be avid architects to ensure the solid foundation in education for African futures. Below are the Six (6) Precepts of Education I have proposed through intensive research:

1.      Primary education must be thorough with computer literacy and be compulsory for every child

2.      More provision of secondary and technical schools with an educational and vocational standard that will fit young men and women to enter university, polytechnic, and training colleges.

3.      Equal opportunities in education for all genders.

4.      The secondary schools, universities, polytechnics and training colleges must have all the resources, tools, laboratories, technological devices, logistics and financial support to enable the students to do research on their own.

5.      The staff of teacher must be the highest quality above a mere degree or pedigree.

6.      Character training must have important feet in education.

A mere birth is death. But health is the eternal wealth of a nation as a fire in the hearth. The wellbeing of a person is healthy life. Where is the African future when his people are with an appalling number of deformed bodies, crippled beggars dragging themselves along the road, cancers, victims of trachoma, and leprosy, HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases? From the past as any society, even the ancient Greek believes that sickness and diseases are punishment from the gods and witches, Africans are not exception. These supercilious superstitions has destroyed and killed millions of Africans into their nothingness graves. “When the frog in front falls in a pit, others behind take caution,” Ola Rotimi is admonishing us that we must study our lessons from yesterday pitfalls for the best tomorrow.

         The most basic standards of sanitation, natural hygiene, common sense about the physiological and psychological nature of how the human body and system works, regular exercise and preventative health care in themselves are the highest touchstone in health and wellbeing on African future.  World Health Organisation defines health as, “a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Primary health care must be Africa’s priority for the fantastical futures, re-imagined African future to be in existence. Clean and sound environment, clean drinking water, improved sanitation, natural hygiene, a balanced diet and abundance of food supplies, social amenities like mobile toilets and urinals accessible at every doorstep are important surpassing more drugs and quack doctors.

         Drugs have become a potent force where especially African youths are sinking into quagmire without a remedy. Tramadol is the mathematical equation of the day that most young men boast in ignorance that it gives them strength and long duration during sexual intercourse. This is a fallacy. Is deadly! Abstain! K.R. Sidhwa, an outstanding medical doctor, writes, for insightful example: “But while drugs have no power to cure, they do possess the power to destroy.” Foreign drug companies has won and winning billions in lottery of drugs. Africans are deceived with cunning messages that such toxic drugs can enrich youthful beauty, vigour, sexual potency and intelligence by false advertisement – yet Africans in countless numbers go for these ‘magical drugs’ to heal all their plagues.


          Africans can emerge like butterfly from a cocoon into nature’s beautiful saloon. Be the full moon in the dusk and the sun at dawn and at noon. By drinking our own soup by our own spoon we can enjoy the African of our dreams soon. Yes, African can do, because he is the absolute man not a fish in the frying pan. Focus, organise and plan are the major elements serving as a catalysts to stimulate events into manifestation. Attitudes are the riches that resurrect total negation from ashes. As the old popular saying goes, attitude is the altitude. Indolence and lackadaisical attitudes make the soul lost in the multitude. The only invincible asset a person has as a possession is character.

Character reveals our attitudes, and attitudes are everything. The attitudes of ants energised them to raise their castle underground which withstand flooding, regulates their inner home with vibrant temperature that is suitable for them and their environment. Above all the ants make provision ahead of future. He who executes provision ahead of future does not fear uncertainty and the unknown.

         In the History of The Akans People, W. T. Balmer, enlightens us with illumination beyond imagination:

                          If people learn the true secret of freedom, which is that of being willing to

help and serve each other; it is just as possible for them as

any other human race to rise to power and influence.

The African has a soul and a view point worthy of study,

very real if not always apparent to outsiders. It is for

Africans to make their spiritual purposes actual, plain,

worthy and attractive, and for others to assist them

in patience to win their soul and achieve those purposes.

Changes are vital phenomena of life. The universe corrects itself through divine necessity above seasons, time, power and pressure of the times. World outlook, strivings, emotions, realities, the geographical location of Africa, Africa’s vast untapped mineral reserves, its fertile land with eco systems (Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the three richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity and amazing ecosystem), and economy depression are all factors contributing to the change of African future. The intellectual explosion sprouted from accumulation of education in Africa continent, the literacy growth of his people, and the African youth seeing the realities in Europe, States and Asia either internet, hearsay or travelling will put the realities on the scale of balance to weigh them and decipher the way in shaping the African of our dreams. And these will spark a national democratic revolution in which the people with spirit and blood trample down the old fragile systems and elect their own charismatic leaders by necessity; not any political party machinery and external influence. Where the law is sacred in all, and become the political religion of all African people.

        Every era elected it on leaders, endowed with wisdom, effective governance, competitive analysis, modification of organisational culture, organisational assets (spirituality, knowledge, cognition, money, and skill) to lift their own people to the world stage. Rabindranath Tagore, whose poem dazzling with philosophical verses wrote that, there is order in chaos:

             Arise, ye hoary Orient!

            Swing wide your gates, and penetrate the world!

We must prepare, cultivate and nurture the minds of African people for them to be easily embracing the African dreams with diligence, self-awareness and positive attitudes. W.T. Balmer, Kindles our spirits that, “History teaches us that all good things are hard to win, but it shows us how to acquire them.”

I will end here with optimistic for African future. “Out the spent and unconsidered earth,” Kipling wrote, “the cities rise again.” It must depend upon all Africans of our times and time henceforth to attain the path that will lead us to the fulfilment of the African dreams.


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