Thursday, December 31, 2009


“Com’ n Angels …come and guide me !”

She was sitting in her living room next to her, decorated and full of bright, Christmas tree .

A remembrance of her childhood was twinkling in her mind, as she was waiting impatiently for someone or something new to invade her boring, unsatisfying life.

“…I am sure that you are somewhere around, looking at me, listening to my whispers and my mourns, laughing with my funny, noble thoughts”, she scanned the room for any supernatural evidence that might show up.

She was feeling totally desperate and abandoned by everybody, especially her guides and angels, whom she had ever trusted and faith in.

They were apparently joining her dreams and she could feel their appearance as a huge energetic field enveloping her in moments she was upset or sensing the obscure approaching of dark clouds; “forces of regression” in motion, as they were trying hopelessly to exhibit their hard, gloomy work..

“They need to accomplish their ugly work, thus to regress every particle of this reality that is not compromising to its harsh demands”.

Thankfully she could appraise herself for remaining in a pretty good position of being totally devoted to a Divine Plan, remaining but unknown to her ,with a glimpse of her own duty to cooperate with Divine Forces in gratification to a pre-born compliance to a warrior’s life, while incarnated in this world.

Being a working woman didn’t seem to be a real warrior’s life anyway, but she had to admit that life itself is a constant conflict, and by raising two kids, working in a - 07.30 am to 15.00 pm - job ( in the mostly unsafe downtown of the big city ), and also assisting human beings, transformed her into a merely invisible - to human eyes -warrior.

Once she asked for more relief in this unsatisfying sort of life she was drifted in, the answer was the kind of “it’s a reinforcement by living in a place of difficulty that strengthens your body and mind”.
Answer given was always the same to her quests: “You have everything you asked for in your life, so feel content and grateful for what you have”.
In her dreams many entities were approaching with healing energy and encouragement; sometimes dreams were so subtle and funny, as if their invaders were due to offer her relief, and occasionally she had this immense feeling that they had something useful and wise to message her.

Messaging or not, in the early morning she had to press herself to remember the messages. Messages were escorted to subconscious, being able to retrieve them while moving in a calm state, relaxed from worries.

“Com’ n and give me a hand in my thinking process; I am not quite sure, if you pay attention to my deepest thoughts, however truthful are…” she was overwhelmed by a full of bitterness thought.

It was not her belief that they did not correspond with her, but the fact that she had no acceptance in her only one attempt to spring up from her cocoon and become the butterfly she imagined she was.

What if she had already transformed to a beautiful butterfly she dreamed of?

What if she was not aware of this transformation had already taken place?

Not for sure, but the voices replied in their sweet mode; she could hear them clearly.

They suggested her more than once to write down what she could hear, so that notes will assist her in her story telling process.

“Teaching and learning are the two sides of a coin. Avoid negative thoughts; follow truthful thoughts, while proceeding to knowledge that is hidden within you”, they stated.

“You are, but the only one who knows the Truth, for Truth resides within you, in the dim, but so precious Divine Sparkle. Search for Truth for none will confess it to you. This way you’ll find it pure and honest in your True Self”.

"They were clear and right…” she had to admit.

“Avoid dishonest thoughts and self-pity. They are means to a misleading path .Truth is you, when inspiring truths and spread Love in human hearts”.
“Neglect all negative thinking that lurks in this moment you lose faith. Whenever you lose your faith, a dark opening allows negativity operate in your mind. Escort it all out of your mind and you feel calm”.
“What if love and remembering hurts?” she wondered.

“Be aware that cleansing yourself from toxins is a painful procedure, as well as remembering “who you really are”. Remembering assists you and reinforces you as you move to an upper state of consciousness”.
“Maybe we are all in a process of global healing .This healing process releases a huge amount of pain. What should I tell people to think of?”, she was finally aware of her task.

“Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Remember that you should not think by mind. Think by heart. See beyond matters and harsh situations. See beyond 3D walls manifested to hide a wonderful reality that resides within you, in your precious feelings. Your heart is your means to express your brilliant feelings”.

"and ..."

“By the way … do not forget to spread the message! ”.

*** "Voices Of Love" , a short fiction story

Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author-poetess

Note: Hopefully this is my last post for 2009 as well as for the series of newsletters entitled “ ENDLESS JOURNEY NEWSLETTERS ” that by New Year will be having a new title...
Whatever the given new name to my spiritual work , I am sending you my best wishes for a creative ,inspirational and motivational New Year 2010, hoping that my creative work is offering the necessary support and assistance along your luminary Path .
After all this is my primary purpose : inspire, reinforce and support fellows of Love and Light with my spiritual writings.


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A Journey along the Pathway to Light
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