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The History Of Reiki-Angelic Reiki (Book)

In Chinese, the word "rei" literally means a mysterious atmosphere or spiritual power, and "ki" means life force, mood, power or spirit. Together they're loosely translated as "universal life-force energy." This describes Reiki, the therapeutic art made popular by a Japanese Buddhist devotee named Dr. Makao Usui in the 1920s. There he meditated to acquire knowledge and had a vision that he considered a healing art.

The History
Dr. Usui likewise took on 5 ethical rules that became called the Reiki healing principles, or "Goka." According to Dr. Usui, by applying these rules, which he taught, one might embark on the path towards self healing:

The secret technique of inviting great fortune into your life
 The technique of using Reiki healing as a fantastic medicine for all illness
 The exercise of sitting in the Gassho position (hands held palm-to-palm) and speaking the Reiki healing technique words aloud in your heart, each morning and night

The technique of centering and challenging your energy of the present day on the accompanying thoughts:

 Don't be angry.
 Don't worry.
 Be thankful.
 Work with integrity.
 Be kind to other people.

Reiki isn't a religion, but a healing doctrine, and although a few consider it able to help the body heal itself, several consider it to be a "feel-good" therapy that advances relaxation.
Reiki healing treatments involve the placement of the hand on or over the body in certain places to adjust the "Chi" or life energy in the body. 12 to 20 hand positions are utilized, either touching or just above the body for 3 to 5 minutes each, and the total treatment takes from forty-five to ninety minutes.
Those who are treated report they feel warmth or tingling in the areas of treatment, with treatments being duplicated every 1 to 4 weeks.
The thought is that when the body's energy is correctly flowing and aligned, as in acupuncture and a few types of massage, the body may heal itself from a lot of ailments, as well as from the tension and anxiety that cause imbalances in wellness and health.
The higher levels of training center on treatments from a distance, with a trust that the Reiki Masters may send off energy to those who are getting treated.
The story of Reiki is blossoming even as we take a breath.
 Fresh sources, adding to what we're currently being told is the 'true' history, are commonly being 'rediscovered' by investigators - though this isn't to say that we ought to necessarily trust that absolutely everything we're told are indeed 'truths'.
History in a wide sense, is at best a subjective field of study, and however unintentionally, constantly contains a little degree of bias.
 The most dependable history is commonly arrived at by analyzing assorted sources - with an accent on those sources who, to coin the phrase "don't have an axe to grind", or have no true vested interest in the final result of the studies.

Excerpt from the Angelic Reiki-Your Guide to tapping into the supernatural for healing 

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