Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is summer, and the Greek sky is shining by the sun’s golden fire rays.

I have made a tiring journey by ship, but by the end the outcome rewards me from the very first moment, while facing the new harbor of this sacred island.

I walk upon the dusty covered roads of  luminous  Delos and a thousand memories of ancient thought-forms float like little stars in the sky made of invisible little threads, so old and bound up with Ancient Earth.

People who walked upon the Sacred soil, talked, loved, suffered, lived their own lives walking through the narrow streets. Upon  those streets ,the ones  walking similarly  now days,  we  see wrecked houses, remnants singing their own rhythms.

Images and words, joys and dramas formed and grown in the cobbled roads of the Human Soul.

The view of  Delos seduces you, so that you sink in a sweet reverie, in a visualization of a life immersed in white and azure as in an invisible painting of a magnificent Creator, who lives Omnipresent, around us, and especially in our hearts.

In that very Centre of Earth, our heart opens its gates to spread and paint with  color the whole World, the color of Love.
It is that world that all artists of life plunge their brush and cast this color on the canvas of material reality.
At all times the ship of human existence was tossed dangerously by going  through turbulent waters and shaken by stormy winds.
Somewhere there inside the pitiless sea of centuries small communities aka cities with hidden  secrets, emerged and even today they bequeath to youth  (but probably less happy…) a principleof their splendor, a small heritage.

I stand across the ruins of lions, that seem to guard even until now the small island falling into a meditative state of mind.

It is in these unique moments that surprise overcomes you, for your  belief  that daily matters have depleted the last drop of the tranquility of your Spirit along with your invaluable inspiration, it’s exactly in that special moment those two strike from deep lethargy and mix with emotion to channel a powerful blend. 

It appears as  a trailer of a movie, where people stalk in front of you who intertwins with the crowd.
On this instant  the writer’s pen is authorized to  behold the steering wheel of narration, and  prevails…
“The Path to  Light stirs through prickly roads and stiffly ways…Whoever wishes to transverse this path needs to be armed with great patience and courage…”.

At the far end of the horizon I star the sun keeping on his course westwards, saluting good bye to the – ruined  from time and weather conditions – columns,  and the sandy paths.
Some of his rays transform the rocky beds into golden, while passing through tourists recall the coolness of the missing shadow upon this stripped from trees island.

A museum full of ancient monuments stands somewhere there at the edge of the path.
A scripture at the end of the big hall emphasizes the historical significance of the island and the amazing  co-existence of so many races of people under the umbrella of Harmony and Unity.
All nations lovingly united and not divided!

There is something left for us to learn from this image, it suffices to see beyond words……but, how many of us indeed do succeed that, and in what degree?

Does the word “ unity “ remind us anything?

Time raced forward, placing us face to face with ourselves, our karmic responsibilities, our life purpose, but how many of us are truly ready to live up to this timeless calling?
Are we ourselves closing the ways of evolution, placing obstacles to progress, to self-improvement, to upward path towards spiritual uplifting, while our ancestor’s richness is spread around like ripe fruits?

Knowledge is the wealth that we have accumulated from the Tree of Life and from the Wisdom of Centuries.

Taste this knowledge and accept its richness with grace in the present moment.
Create our “ Weltanschauung ” implementing the gifts of knowledge.
Offer the benefits of this positive energy to a thirsty world for a better future.

It lies in our hand to act the best for world free from negativity!

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

 Spiritual author-poetess

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katarina,
It's a pleasure to read your poetic description of Delos & including also a universal spiritual message to all of us.
You are a true spiritual writer.
I visited Delos in the past & have wonderful memories, knowing that it was one of most important spiritual centres in the past.
With my best wishes,
Arlette Biron

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A Journey along the Pathway to Light
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