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Exercise on Gratitude:how to begin the path of seeing

Note: This is an excerpt from the “The SEER'S Handbook” , a book on the alchemy of transformation written by Dennis Klocek.
The excerpt is relevant to the basic exerscise on practicing Gratitude as a fundamental issue for a student to overcome slight periods of depression and resolute our inner being of freedom that is hidden into resentment , so that let True Human emerge.

"A question that could ask myself is the following:"Is there anything today for which I can be grateful?".
We should ask this without really expecting an answer .
If I think of something to be grateful for ,then the gratitude will eventually help me to overcome slight periods of depression.
If I cannot think of anything for,then just asking the question is steadying and cooling the mind.

This is the gratitude exercise.
After asking the question, spend a few minutes listening into the silence of timelessness as the question disappears in the silent darkness beyond.
Find a time when it will be easy to do the same things at the same time everyday.
Each day do a few repetitions of the thirty second concentration exercise and then ask the question and listen a little bit into the silence.
The whole thing should take about five to ten minutes total.But it is time well spent.
During the whole exercise period , no one except yourself is dictating how you should be using your time.
It is time spent in complete freedom, whether the exercise works or not.This is the great secret of training the mind –the the time spent doing any mental exercise ,succesful or not, is time spent in complete freedom.
This freedom is born out of an impulse in our own soul to take back control of our own mind.
The real benefit in this exercise is in remembering daily to ask the question and do the exercise .
The forces built up by making many repetitions of this exercise can someday be available to us when our inner peace is threatened by some circumstance that is out of our control .
This exercise can make us free not to have to react .With this freedom we become aware that we are aware.

Once this idea begins to take root in the soul, it is usually followed by a wish to search actively for our inner being.
No other person or memory or system of power can pollute this quality time we spend with ourselves in these exercises .
This is true even if the exercise we are trying to do it without actually doing it.
The exercise is working in us even if we only remember to do it without actually doing it.
The goal is to try anew each day to form an impusle to develop concentration, whether or not the exercise works or whether we missed it yesterday, or even whether or not we can actually ever do it.
This type of unattached acting makes us aware of our awareness.

After a month or so, a subtle mood comes over the time spent doing the exercise.When the mood develops we feels during the exercise as if we are having a talk with someone we trust.
This feeling does not come as a big revelation with light shows and voices speaking to us out of clouds;it is just a subtle feeling of being in a regular conversation with someone we know will never lie to us.
This feeling tells us that inner being who remembers how life was before things got out of control is beginning to talk to us once again.Some cultures call this approaching the guardian".

“How to begin the path of seeing ”,pages 59-60 , from the “The SEER’S Handbook “ by Dennis Klocek , published by Steiner Books :

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