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How the Denial of Yesterday becomes today Confirmation

For a long time I’ ve been wondering how to entrust you an important clue  I am deeply concerned with. ....

My concern is how to convey messages to the outer world , not because of  the lack, but rather for  the excessive collection of experiences through inter temporal transactions and my reconciliation   with various  people within the school of life.

My experiences and feelings were and still are my  invaluable  treasure.

In my whole life I met many negative people, who displayed excessive zeal in targeting, and disdaining the positive and talented people.

Of course myself as a presence could not escape out  of this targeting.

In addition, I was the receiver of  various interrelated attacks, which at this present period hold eloquent testimony for the lack of morality manifested  for years around us as well as a further confirmation that these values
​​won’t be lost even forged between hammer and anvil.

The sparks jumping from such friction, and its outcome is a fruitful  material for publication.

So thinking of  the difficult times we’ ve been experiencing as a nation (Greece) and the great changes taking place upon our planet (of which many people are not aware...), I fall again into the mind trap.

Note this time it’s not a simple mind trap but a  courageous dive in the timeline of the past.

The occasion arrived on  the phone call of one of my old acquaintances, who several years ago had rejected and substantially attacked me, for daring  to mention the subtle efforts I began to make on  writing, and my first steps into cyberspace.

But this specific day having to call me   to discuss about 

some issues, he mentioned: I am reading you!

I wonder, how many dispirited and forgotten friends out there keep  reading me  behind the anonymity of the internet ?

Apart from the instant gratification and even less pride (that finally I am heard…), the Sirens of  Ego eventually ceased  whistling to offer  space to more healthy thoughts.

How the Denial of Yesterday becomes today  Confirmation

While I was  in a state of absolute peace and tranquility, a bell rang within me.

The main issue has nothing to do with  ratings, traffic rank ,and the accumulation of readers, i.e it’s not a matter of quantity ,but one of quality.

The quality for  many, many years has been defeated  by the wild aggressive quantity, and of course the game was over  in the vague vision of what constitutes quality, and what’s not.

When people live in deception, this cloudy visibility is adversely true.

The quality is so subjective.

Many authors, artists, lightworkers have been sacrificed due to  the lack  of quality and deceit, because the greedy system could not accept them
for  they are but only  "system errors".

If you're not a VIP ,a famous star, and   not advertised on television, radio, magazines and newspapers, you are totally alone!

This influence has been placed upon citizens so that  a  solid perception  has been manufactured that if you are present in the TV Channels,Cinema or Radio Channels, then  you're a great one .

You are a quality artist.

You are published, readable, invited and  heard.

Most of my acquaintances have slipped into this trap along with millions of citizens, the black hole of misinformation and perfect deceit.

Of course they could  have chosen an alternative perspective of facts , because we all have choices in our lives.

Similarly  various publishers of newspapers, magazines, books, could have similarly chosen to do for they  have long ceased to look for new talents, and admired as their   ultimate goal to promote their good fellows and the friends of their good fellows  etc.

Anyone who hasn’t had a good “acquaintance” can not present  his ideas through the media, magazines and newspapers.

Most artists, writers and poets followed a lonely path, and luckily for us, the creators of nowdays, Internet appeared in our life , through which we  run the ideas freely and without intermediaries (this is the most important!).

Unfortunately, even today, many micro-publishers/editors (or even mega-publishers!), which relied on the bugs of  interconnection, public relations  and various acquaintances, have not yet understood that era has changed, and possibly without the knowledge of technology and web marketing along  with the choice of appropriate quality issues, the emergence of quality and competent authors ,then recovery can’t be effective.

Otherwise in short  time all these glaring contradictions of obsolescence urban promotional system, i.e newspapers and magazines, are threatened by  bankrupt, not because of economic crisis, but because of stupidity! 

Simple as that!

Something within me calls me that Jesus' parable of the sewer  is once again a topical issue.

For years I have consciously or unconsciously sowed  thousands of seeds of Spirit upon the Earth .

A few years ago the land was not fertile  enough and many seeds were lost, either eaten by the birds of the sky, either because the land was not 
well imbued .

Many people  ate, but did  not appreciate  the seeds, because they  sank in ingratitude and greed.

Today the circumstances are conducive enough for people to look for Spiritual pursuits.

Economic poverty is  the result of spiritual poverty.

The unexpected changes jubilantly   led to the recognition of our  spiritual thirst, hunger and nakedness.

When you feel naked from spiritual values
​​and ideas, then you scientifically and undoubtedly wear the fig leaf of intellectual quality.

"The emperor's clothes", the clothes of  materialistic Ego are not enough to meet their spiritual needs.

This has brought to the fore people from the past back to the present to highlight the changes they experience, even unconsciously.

Indirectly, the return is accompanied by an invitation to accept what they received years ago.

The pursuit of knowledge.

We spent  time
in deep open sea
across the waves
Boat was our hope

And what if this boat
 is lost
 will we endure
within the Monsters
and voracious fish?

Grieve when considering the inability of people to resist envious voices that ask them to choose evil instead of good.

Grieve when the people  descend one by one the steps to chaos, while they could possibly  climb upwards ( strive).

Grieve for those who ignore the existence of good and continue to work to the opposite side.

For those who do not learn from their mistakes and show no trace of remorse.

For those who are driven by their ego, thereby allowing all kinds of atrocities.

And above all, those whom they keep starring at the finger, when you point at  the forest.

Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual writer-poetess

Member of the Greek Literary Union

Follow the "Cosmic Light"  !

*This article is a translation from  a posted in Greek language article (click here if you want to read the Greek article).

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