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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I admit that I hadn't listened to the Piraeus Orthodox Christian Church Channel up to date.

Watching a few  of the videos that have already been posted on Youtube (on this channel), I noticed that whatever I was stating about the  moral and economic crisis, with the very first one becoming the leader on the list , and the second one following is only but true.

Only that I used to talk about it  years ago, so many years ago, and consequently  became the target  and ultimately isolated by most  of people.

The truth is that we - first of all - decayed morally and afterwards financially.

It is sad to see those who don't hesitate to prey to groveling, pandering,  haggling for a job, a bonus, still continue to betray our values. 
Doing  so till their  last breath by refusing to change nor regret.

Those who have been eroded will hardly change. 
More likely to become even worst, and vehemently hate those who chose the harsh path, those who never lost their faith and values as well. 
Even the worst scenario, they would envy these descent people, for they would never on their own consent, and upon their own choice be themselves faithful and worthy.

The worst; these guys are encouraged by fervent supporters, who will make sure to compliment and reward them for their selfish deeds.

Do they do it  out of lack of knowledge or awareness?

Or possibly because of  the simultaneous lack of both that haunts their spirit?

Most of them remain empty shells for opposing forces like Wilhelm Reich used to call them "organic portals".

Shells that eventually  transform into third party subservient, and so being exploited (by them).

We are only a few left to preserve and take care of our spirit and awaken the rest of humans accepting incredible attacks, and a daily basis war from  our fellow human beings.

Those people whom even today we are trying to help by sending them light and love instead of hater.

Apparently the vibrations of love and  offer is too much powerful to awaken them, and instead of awaking cause fear and hater?

Unfortunately, all those to whom  I offered  my hand thus  helped them, and bite the hand of supply have already signed irrevocably the paper of self-dissolution.

As a  friend  of mine told  me “they all have  already been banned, but have not figured it out".

Unless had I experienced it on a  daily basis I would probably not speak a word. But the reality  that we live in is the greatest  teacher and inspiration for  me.

The ones who hunt and discredit me are the greatest sources of inspiration for me, because through them I  learned to be what they will never be. 

 I learned to be myself.


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