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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Essentially artists, these charismatic humans inherited by this inner life of delicate art are obviously controversial beings.
Many artists who belong to this particuliar category develop from early days a singular behaviour entirely related to the environment in which they have been raised.
The child – artist from the early years of his life creates inner myths and fiction stories conjuring up his own realities, because in certainty “material reality” hurts.
He experiences an unique conflict between consious and subconsious world, which usually are denatured by various emotional intensities to an invisible impulse for creation. ……….
Probably the subconscious, which operates as storage has the ability to transform materialistic “utopia” to a force that exists so that creates new realities. Through this way each artist is a unique visionary, who deliberately or not creates worlds through which billions of citizens take their course.
An artist according to Haanel’s book “The Master Key System” is a pioneer, because his Creative Thought is a spiritual process.

However vision and fantasy precedes the action and the event.
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