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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


A very interesting approach on a spiritual -and not only - level has been manifested since the day I posted about Napoleon  Hill and his attitude towards Love and Romance on his well known Think and Grow Rich book.

Napoleon Hill states that our brain emits vibrations that manifest our reality and dreams in a intagible way.

This is the Law of Attraction also described on  Kevin's Trudeau "Your wish is your command " relative cd's .

The Law of Attraction works in intangible ways,that's for sure.

However technology has manifested itself in such a way and in coalition to the Law of Attraction in order to attract like minded people in the cyber-pool so that share amazing ideas and thoughts to shift the spiritual evolution level.

Dr. Chakradhar F.,one of the recipients of my blog post's message replied with a wonderful information on the connection of worshipping of Lord Ganesha,Baghavad Gita, and brain structure .

On this note Dr.Chakradhar poses the following:


Concept & Design- Dr. Chakradhar Frend

Secretary, Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth

Why to Worship Ganesh first?

Just consider the brain matter which is your anvil, shaping everything through great opening (Foraman Magnum) of your skull.  

Through  the opening  of the skull the spinal cord (the trunk of Ganesha) goes to brain to form the medulla oblongata i.e. GyanAkash; where all the vital life centers’ are present in the human anatomy.


Ganesh (Devata of Buddhi) = Medulla Oblongata
Ordinary action (performed with desire) is greatly inferior to action united to the guidance of wisdom; therefore, O Dhananjaya (Arjun), seek  shelter in the ever directing wisdom.

Miserable are those who perform actions only for their fruits.

Bhagavad Gita 2.49

[Reference- Paramhansa
Yogananda’s God Talks with Arjuna
–The Bhagavad Gita ]


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