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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Greek Christmas Folklore:Kallikantzaroi (Greek Christmas Goblins)

All folklore stories and legends in my country, Greece,are coming from the source named "Conventional Wisdom and Trandition".
There are traditions kept and shared over the years mostly by old women in villages and rural areas.
Those places are deeply connected with Nature,fiction,and story telling.
Grand-mothers like mine used to believe in superstitions and carry the mystery of their fictional essence to infants.
Traditionally they were gathering the family around the fireplace or the stofa and narrating fairy tales entrusted by their own grand-mothers in their youth.
The fairy tales were restored,transformed and molded the way each lady thought might be efficient regarding the purpose of this story telling.
A story telling could be less realistic and more fictional if the motive was to discourage children from going out without permission or remain strictly close to family affairs.

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