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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Missed Moments (article) on The Eden Magazine/January 2014 issue

The Eden Magazine-January 2014 issue (click here)

Owner of The Eden Magazine: Maryam Morrison

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The Missed Moments by Katerina Kostaki


Katerina  are you looking for the lost moments? ... It’s witnessed by your look…

Which are your missed moments?

Is the  nostalgia opalescent on your  computer screen, while you seek for the oasis of Knowledge through the Unknown?

Probably not ..

Is the glow emitted by those temporary friendly approaches by  people caught on the net  of your brightness ...

Again not ...

Are  those fleeting dreams that make you reminisce the beautiful shimmering moments of Awakening, even today they glimmer like aura in your world of yesterday.

I know ... again not .

Cry not again because you feel the missed moments, like a train that you could  not catch and left the station without you ...

Yes ... that train,  full of Universal Soldiers, embarked on for an intangible Universe, not a material Universe like the one of Earth, but a idealistic one, therefore elusive.

Apparently it  left and you  were holding the ticket in your hands ...

The next stop was invisible, the train and  the destination as well, but it’s of no  importance.

Here on the rear no etheric auras or shiny knights exist ... anyway knights belong to alter eras.

Back here  people are weeping, laughing and suffering  from many diseases, but mostly they are  suffering from ignorance and boredom.

Sometimes they suffer from jealousy… you acknowledge  that first hand.

Their heart is full of desire to experience life, and your creative madness  make them  sick.

How can a mad like you  dare to escape from the corral?

Let them be on  those underground paths, because this is what they have  learned to do, and live like a glamorous star.

Shine like a star upon the sky of LOVE. Get your own spaceship, you know what I'm talking about ... the spaceship of your  imagination and travel with the fuel of  your creativity .


If you want others to follow you, they are welcome.

If not, never mind.

Let them live their dream and YOU keep painting  with love and compassion.

Because you are entrusted the KNOWLEDGE, they will never have!

The missed moments

Copyright  Katerina Kostaki

From series : Inner Voices Within

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