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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Light-An apocalyptic dream - © Katerina Kostaki

Last night I saw a lucid dream, one of the many dreams that I almost see every time I go for sleep.
I was standing in a room that couldn't define it. and staring through a window at the sky. The sky and the whole landscape, as far I could see through the window was gloomy. There was a widespread sense of darkness, despair and frustration.
Next to me could I sense the presence of an entity that provided me in a gentle voice with guidance. While I was watching the sky and I kept thinking how bleak the landscape I had no feeling of fear nor frustration.
Oddly I can't recall any specific guidance from this entity.

Suddenly the clouds were almost collected by an invisible hand and through a huge opening a deep blue sky with light sprang up .
The landscape was transformed with an apocalyptic and magical way into a place of light!
I heard the voice next to me talking with a mild voice. "See ... you were so sad ... the clouds fled away and Light appeared again! ".

A Power has always been next to our side to guide and protect us even though we don’t strongly believe or can't comprehend it!
Obviously we are close to apocalyptic moments ... Time (Chronos) will show us the truth, because he is the ultimate judge.


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