New Publication:INNER VOICES WITHIN © Katerina Kostaki

New Publication:INNER VOICES WITHIN © Katerina Kostaki

I am so happy than ever! My brand new book "INNER VOICES WITHIN" or simply the messages from my Guardian Angel in a BOOK ...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Into the dust of Reality (Inner Voices within)-Katerina Kostaki

In the tranquility of your mind
you learn how to listen to
your Inner Voices.

Fly high in the wind
into the dust of REALITY.

Listen to the whispers
of your heart-tree
whispers in the air…

Reply not.
they are your Spirit starting
a new connection with you.

Inner Balance
it’s the voice that awaits
to go a full circle
of attunement.

Listen and ct as if Love
has come in the form
of an alive entity.

The whisper of your dream
is your feelings
of soul existence.

Chariots of Love
are winners in Life.
They expect the unexpected
and never have expectations
for anything.

See through the eyes
of your soul
they are your guides
in every single moment
on a long pathway.

© Katerina Kostaki
Inner Voices Within
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