Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What are our thoughts?

Little pebbles which slowly fall above the stagnate waters of every day life.They create small swirls which shake our slough which in turn covers the surface of our human existences.

Countless thoughts spring through our continuous submersions into our vast and undiscovered inner world.

When they provide us with colour and quality they reflect our highest expectations and they nourish our experiences.

We provide our best writing when we create positive thoughts, because whatever we nourish inside our mind leaves traces.

We provide positive thoughts and we receive a positive outcome.

Our thoughts travel through the Universe's oceans and they get colored from Infinite Light.

Making our way through spiritual paths, we proceed behind this false, fake life that we have been driven to experience in the infinity, until we find our true course.

This specific course surely is not an easy one to follow but is not in vain either.

Each day makes the difference...

When it is filled with creativity and ideas. Through our creations we leave the mark of happiness and success in our way.

When we are able to nourish hopes and dreams.

Our expectations, our longings, our needs, our dreams enter inside and through the melting pot of consciousness and offer us results in accordance with the content of our thoughts.

It's called Deliverance.

Deliverance is born when we are experiencing our inner quest.

It emerges when we diversify our every day life, and when we dissolve monotony and banality.

When we slip away from the claws of vanity and when we walk the path which is incised by our soul.

When we make up our story, and when we go through our personal battles in our own dignified terms and rules.

As we fight our dark side we allow free space for our soul to breath.Beyond the thick veils which cover the beautiful and unseen side of life, beyond the borders of our imagination, new horizons exist and inexhaustible sources of knowledge.

We swim in the calm turquoise colored waters of the lake of knowledge trying out the truth and quality which are lacking from our life.

Using our mind we raise the most wonderful states up in the highest peaks of Spirituality.

We cultivate the prettiest blossoms on the greenish slopes lighten by the calm caress of the Light.

The Light of the one Reality, of Truth!

Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author-poetess

My article has been published
in the newspaper "Ta Mantata of Viannos"
June 2006

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