Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness ~NEWSLETTER APRIL 2010 from series "The Light of Dawn"

The appointment was arranged at a specific time, that pitifully I could not recall by that moment.
Nevertheless I was already heading towards the second floor of the building upon which the office of a famous professor of happiness resided .
His office was naturally frequented by all the famous artists in Showbiz, celebrities, and many ... anonymous citizens as well.

Among those my name was luckily suggested!
Anyway, who cares?

Everyone has a right to happiness....

I ascended up to the second floor with great concern that I might be waiting in the Health Institution.
A well known Professor always requires a lot of time to complete his therapy.
I was confident that enough people would be waiting in the waiting room...
I was wrong though ...

On the second floor there was nothing ...

Neither therapist nor health institution!

Instead of the Health Institution a simple apartment and the name of a plain citizen, who had nothing to do with therapies was marked on the door’s bell label was found .

I went searching for information on the ground floor.
From there, where nothing could be crossed upon, I was led into a huge chamber similar to a factory or shopping center, with huge signs and crowd going by.
The crowd was following the various signs to be directed to the desired destination.
I looked up and watched a huge sign with the inscripted words:

"The source of Happiness" (indication… straight ahead).

So I walked straight ahead and soon the label targeted another direction.
Then I turned right again and afterwards left.

Several times the crowd blocked me, but that did not matter....

I had to move on!

At the end of the vast area, a sign indicated another chamber.
By walking in there I met a dead end.

I returned back disappointed.

The source of happiness and it’s co-creator professor would have gone missing!

I looked around ...

Someone might be able to guide me ..

Perhaps the ladies in the ticket stand might know ...

I went over near the desk and asked one of them ...

"Could you please tell me where the therapist and the source of happiness is ?"

No answer.

They just performed their duties without showing any willingness.

I asked again, but again I sensed similar indifference ...

I felt almost invisible in their eyes.

"Come on," I said, "You know everything!".

One of the ladies looked at me calmly.

"Essentially, are you looking for the source of happiness?"I nodded with relief. Finally there was something crucial to be learned!

"Have you noticed that you are looking in the wrong direction; Why do not you look within?"


The fabric that separates the world of dreams from ours was drawn and happily I woke up to warm my bed, listening to the sound of morning rain falling on the roof, while from the depth of my house a sweet melody of my canaries sounded.
They were praising the anthem of life in their own beautiful way.

I smiled. It was a dream ...

A symbolic dream.

After so many years of hard researching I had not yet come to a conclusion
of what "happiness” is.

Perhaps this is a major concern.

We are all in the research, the pursue of happiness, and we approximately can not comprehend that we are missing the journey, this ritualistic scene within which we all contribute...
We keep chasing our dreams, our aspirations, our success, and this hunting completely blind us.

Nevertheless we can never be approached by happiness.

Fewer moments
of happiness
as smells of love
and tenderness
emerging into mind
as you awake up
eternal life looking up

Inside of this “factory” of life we journey, within corridors, trails, and get accustomed to living by signs and indications.

However happiness cannot be recommended by anyone , because this mission has been assigned by our Creator, God, to ourselves.

We ought to discover what nobody could ever specify.

Happiness cannot be the outcome of compromising or insidious habit.

Only when allowing Spirit to fly free, unbound, we might become happy, and then we have totally gain our personal happiness.

Love and the pursuit of happiness differs among people.
Happiness can be meant as a gaining of a higher position
in one’s Service or worthy to smell a fresh rose.

Happiness can be felt on the air blowing in someone hair, watching a beautiful sunset, and listening to a favorite song.

For a dreamer and visionary is a daily travel to the land of dreams, when a materialist might be traveling with an expensive car.

Happiness resides within us and we only need to follow our intuition.

We are the Source of Happiness!

The difference is consisted in the way of how small pleasures of happiness might be a means to harmony and connection with your heart and loving with all your heart this unique moment.

"Love with all your heart each special moment you live in and never overlook that this moment appears in your life just because you are a wonderful entity created by God within an excess of love.
Never forget that in your small pleasures you should be expressing your true appreciation and gratitude for every piece of experience poured in to you along the journey of your earth plane existence”.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author ~ poetess

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