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The Stone Years and Forgiveness

Looking in retrospect at a specific period of my life, a few years ago, which I have decided for purely emotional reasons to name “The Stone Years”, partly influenced by the homonymous film of Pandelis Voulgaris , which negotiates with a very movingly way the value of freedom, as well as all ethical values we need to maintain intact in our soul, and ultimately they characterize us as human species.
"and the true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops, -- no, but the kind of man the country turns out".

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our values is the posthumous after passing by our timeline of our earth plane’s existence.
People have always been characterized by the quality of their deeds and providence to humanity.

Citizens who listened to their hearts have been assigned as illuminated marks in the sky of humanity’s collective consciousness , in contrast to those who followed their lower instincts thus have been quoted as an warning lesson .

Regressing to the "Stone years" and their influence on the present course of mine as writer, poetess ,creator in general, I could merely underline this passage of time as a point for evaluation of my strength , my endurance ,as well as a determination of the limits , a person should set on his course.

A more profound analysis would state that the gloomy years of my life in addition to all the attacks that I received had a return: my dignity.

Dignity cannot be purchased by any currency.

As much as you can
Even if you cannot shape your life as you want it,
at least try this
as much as you can; do not debase it
in excessive contact with the world,
in the excessive movements and talk.

Do not debase it by taking it,
dragging it often and exposing it
to the daily folly
of relationships and associations,
until it becomes burdensome as an alien life.

Constantine P. Cavafy (1913)
Greek Poet

These stone years gave me invaluable material to move on the writing of my texts, and in particular my novel in which the distinguishable heroes’ and anti-heroes’ behavior was borrowed from the nearby to me environment.

While the existable in a written form creation of my heroes held as examples to be followed or ... to be warned, many known and unknown fellows as tragic figures are craving for salvation amidst the tsunami of changes.

Essentially I should remind that the tsunami of changes is not only a political, economic and social tsunami, but an entirely cosmic one , and this great cosmic wave will sweep on its passage that is ephemeral, false or immoral, and “ a new “ will emerge with glory and grandeur .

A healthy city where people will be living in respect and love, teaching love, and will be continuing in learning by their actions and conciliation.

After all that’s our cause of existence: living in truth and love and convey these values to coming generations.

The "Stone Years" of our life is our springboard to take the leap of faith and decide to change ourselves for the better.

Definitely too many of you have resided within the walls they have built around us without shame (Walls, Cavafy), but the "stone-years' is not but images of a past, memories that were lost over time in order to create space for a pure creativity and happiness to arrive .

"The amount of the happiness we have within, depends on the amount of freedom that we have in our hearts."
As long as we allow the remains of an obsolete era, culture and memories be resolved irreversibly within, "stone walls” dissolve as a medieval mental age’s ruins.

Thus creative space is left for more wonderful things to make their entry into our lives.

Let the “stone years ” remain a memory in the passage of time and forgive those who have faced us up with the darkness of their soul and the hater that dazzled their eyes, not allowing them to star life with the eyes of love.

Pitifully they by not allowing light to emerge fatally wounded themselves .

Personally I can only show compassion for everyone who walked beside me in their own darkness and fear, without being able to comprehend how beautiful is to let your inner light, gift of God , shine having to enlighten and bless a partnership, friendship, coexistence.

If they only could know how much they hurt themselves, would never allow darkness to hide a so blessed life inherited by our Creator .

Eventually the "stone walls" manufactured to imprison their fellowmen, were only but their own walls, their mental prisons, which deprived them of the greatest values and joys of life.

"Time, a righteous judge will indicate whether the options were correct or not ...
Time will justify and compensate those who had the heart and showed no hesitation to be sacrificed for the Higher Good.
Everyone has the right to make his own choices ... "
Novel :"Life journey that carries hopes" ~ translation of the original title in greek language (Book is written and published in greek language).
Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author ~ poetess

**Newsletter May 2010 from series "The Light of the Dawn"
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