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 NOTE : The following text was posted two years ago on my ENDLESS JOURNEY GROUP in FACEBOOK , but new format on this network has made research inavailable , so that discovering and reading the whole text  looks like mission impossible...(lol).~~Katerina Kostaki

With the radical shift in the magnetic field structure as described in last month’s newsletter, the core architecture of our planet is changing. Thus the core foundation of our very existence, how we experience ourselves, is also being completely altered and changed.
Since March*(1) , we have undergone a rapid dissolution of our 3D personal-physical identity that will continue to heighten throughout the end of summer. 

(The phase of our “Un-Identity”)

This shift within the planetary “global brain” is a new level of energetic initiation that has deeply accelerated us into a process of dismantling our physically based “programming”. 
Many of us are confused as the personal “reinforcers” that had connected us to our identity are collapsing.
Everything that has defined us previously as an individuated consciousness is shifting into a larger collective and group field awareness.
We are in the first waves of this particular experience with many more of the population following in later evolution waves. 
During this summer, especially July 23rd through August 12th*(2), many of us on the Ascension path are experiencing some challenges in terms of our physical, mental and emotional discomfort. 
Along with several timelines now converging, this time of year is the planet’s annual cycle of magnetic peak activity.
This intense energy phase increases now with the pinnacle being through mid August. Many of us are experiencing integration symptoms perceived from our inner being, such as new frequencies accompanied with dizziness, memory and time disorientation, and extreme fatigue/ weakness. 
This summer phase of the “Un-Identity” is a time of non-action and integration for most. 
This is a time of letting go of the active force principle of our masculine energies and sublimating them to that of the female principle - the power of the full now presence.
The process of this shift now is more internal than “external” in its result. 
We will see the fruition of these inner changes as the manifestation alignment to your soul’s purpose “timeline”.
For most in this current wave, that reveals itself in September through November this year.

The Fairytale Ends with a Gordian Knot .

Additionally a factor that makes this time so challenging is that many “illusions” that were hidden in your perception are coming into a clearer view. This will continue as we move onwards.
The Ego loves its story and its fantasy of what it thinks it really needs in order to be “happy”. This ego fantasy and its distorted belief systems is what I am referring to as “The Fairytale”
An example of a common ego “Fairytale” is a female who holds on to the belief that a knight in shining armor is going to gallop up in a white horse and save her from her personal misery. 
She believes her misery will be solved by an external factor, rather than doing the self inquiry to heal and empower herself in true understanding. So she spends her time “miserable” believing the only salvation is meeting her “knight”. 
There is a phase beginning now that will require you are crystal clear with your discernment of perpetuating any ego based fantasies attached to the external world. 
If you are unclear about this, then start your day stating your intention of asking how you can serve God Source and do not place your personal will in the way. Practice nonattached receptivity).
If you pay attention to your inner voice, and surrender to divine flow, you will have a much easier time during the next reveals that begin in mid November. This means that now, you may have periods of non-activity that will test your mental strength and emotional faith greatly. 
For many this will be a time of “Crisis of Faith” as plunged into a level of the “dark night of the soul.” 
For the seasoned Ascension Guide, you will realize this is time is a great blessing bestowed upon the spiritually blind as it is leading to the pathway of transcendence from ego suffering. 

**Please remember this, as it may be hard to watch loved ones getting caught up in the illusions present during this current cycle.

If you have not been lovingly honest and authentic with yourself, clear and forthright in relationship communications, making fear based decisions or insisting on changes made “your way”, you will find yourself swallowing a rather bitter pill. 
This bitter pill will manifest in your life as a “Gordian Knot”. The Guardians have made it clear that this is the inherent danger of abusing the “Law of Attraction” as made popular by those who marketed the video “The Secret”.
If ego desires and needs are still being perpetuated as the priority of your manifestation skills, you will find a hidden glitch in your manifestation. 
They have likened this to the metaphor of the “Gordian Knot”, which represents an illusion of a sought after prize only to realize that hidden underneath is a really difficult, intractable and often insolvable problem.


  Many of us have our beloved Guidance Systems working overtime to protect us from being ensnared in these difficult energetic entanglements, such as the Gordian Knot. 
When or if you find yourself feeling sequestered from groups, or experiencing abrupt changes, endings or other bizarre scenarios, surrender and bless them immediately. 
You are more supported than you may realize, having been averted from an entanglement that would drain you of your life force. 
There is no room for energetic exchanges that are not for your greater good and divine purpose, and you will be averted from anything that would place an obstacle from meeting your upcoming “timeline”. 
This may necessitate more character building skills and challenges until you understand what your personal evolutionary “task at hand” really is. There is no wriggling away to get out of it. Walk the path laid out in front of you now without any resistance. 
Moon Wobble Effect Additionally the Guardians say we are in an cycle now similar to what is known as a "moon wobble" effect. Several recent factors are contributing to this shift and in the upcoming phase, will impact humans deeply at a global awareness level. 

From Signe Quinn Taff’s website: Moon wobble cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting. During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. 

The best way to handle Moon Wobble is to be a conscious observer and not to react to the drama, because the picture often changes after Moon Wobble is over. 
One of the prime examples of this is in the romantic relationship area. More people break up during Moon Wobble, simply because emotions are on an irrational course during Moon Wobble.
If you don't react and wait to deal with the situation after Moon Wobble is over, the other person often changes their mind and says, "they don't know what got into them." However, if you react, the reactions become explosive during Moon Wobble and the relationship can be irreparably damaged.
One of the more interesting sides to Moon Wobble is that you often hear from someone out of your past, or meet them quite 

The Tribal Shield As of July 17th*(3) we have been working with integrating a new layer of the four planetary evolutionary rounds, and its coded DNA information into this reality referred to by the Guardians as the “Tribal Shield”
From their perspective, there are cycles upon cycles upon cycles completing and converging now from the eons of time comprising the histories of human seeding and planetary evolution.

We are at a Primary Conjunction Point within these Evolutionary Cycles. 

The Tribal Shield is the entire morphogenetic field (blueprint and instruction set) comprising all the variations of specific frequency arrangement for all of the 12 Tribes of the Human DNA template
Each human “tribe” had a unique frequency and DNA program that is designed to anchor a specific part of its coding into that of the planetary field, throughout each of the evolutionary cycles.
Pertinent to our planet now are four (4) evolutionary rounds of three planetary cycles each totaling the 12 dimensional timelines that comprise both the particle and anti-particle Universe.
The Tribal Shield accesses the blueprint of the entire 4 round cycle, including the total memory of the 12 dimensional time cycles.
(Repeatedly it has been mentioned that the Ascension cycle is about accelerating through a gradual particle/antiparticle merge of these 12 timelines. 
Hence the importance of the 12 strand DNA as each DNA strand corresponds to one dimension of the entire 12 cycles).
The four rounds within each Age of the 12 dimensional time cycles are approximate 26,000 year cycles. 
These rounds ( Astrological Ages) are also known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes”, which refers to the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space. 
A complete precession cycle ( One Astrological Age) covers a period of approximately 25,765 years, the so called great Platonic year, during which time the equinox regresses over a full 360°.
The precessional movement also is the determining factor in the length of an Astrological Age or Aeon.

( Note that there are 12 Zodiac Archetypes that are each of the 12 Astrological Ages. We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius) The precession of the equinoxes is caused by the differential between the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon on the Earth. 

Connecting to our human angelic “Tribal Shield” is about activating our internal inter-dimensional portal or personal “stargate system”. This is creating the conduit between our current incarnation and simultaneous incarnations that exist in other time/space/dimension.

(Our other ldentities that exist in these Astrological Ages or cycles of evolution) .
All of these specific frequencies, DNA fire letters and coding are required for assembly to access the Transharmonic Time cycle.

(The Ascension timeline and passage)

It appears the bridging of these time cycles now is a part of the conscious awareness of the “walk in” event (accelerated spiritual initiation) that many of our Indigo family is undergoing during this summer. 
The Perfect Proton according to the Guardians, the change in particle ratio between the electron and proton are impacting the magnetosphere. Therefore this is drastically shifting the planetary magnetic fields and the global brain. (see last month’s news).
Recently it was discussed that the proton, being feminine in principle and nature holds the entire image of the Universal Hologram within it. 
The Holographic record existing within the proton is likened to an infinitesimal fractal image of the entire Universe, past, present and future. 
As we imagine pictures, as coming from our soul creative impulses, we are creating images that are a part of Universal mind, memory and imagination. 
This evokes the holographic memory of the protons also that make up our entire consciousness and bodies. This proton process is key to the manifestation and embodiment of the Divine Feminine Aspect of God that holds the Seed of All Creation.
It has been made clear to me that many of us incarnated and chose female physical forms in this time cycle so we could fulfill the Ascension by embodying the (re)memory of the Perfect Proton
With this potential embodiment reaching critical mass, all is resurrected and lifted into the Eternal perfection. This is the understanding of being the Creator’s vision that all that has existed within the artificial and finite space is resurrected and merged with the Eternal Living Light and One Source.

This is about Resurrecting the Flesh into the Eternal Wedded Garment of God. 

The Perfect Proton is the Crystallized Perfection eternally remembered in All that Is and will Ever Be.
Many of us in a female body at this time are experiencing our feminine principle in new and unique ways. 
This may show up as simply a renewed interest in all things that support and nourish your feminine/woman. 
Also many of us are experiencing sensations and changes in our uterus, cervix, all female reproductive organs, sexuality and creative experiences. 
Female ejaculate (amrita), energetic menstruation, spontaneous orgasm and sensing the opening of doorways inside your vaginal/cervical walls is more common than you realize. 
Relax and know you are experiencing the emergence of your new embodiment of the female principle energies.

It’s quite amazing! 

This is an emanation springing forth of the female creative energetic principle and its ability to have a new experience of ecstatic possibilities. 
These possibilities are now beginning to be supported on this planet in a totally new way.
Stay the course, keep away from any agenda to outcome and continue to take loving care of your bodies. Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! 

We are here as One! 


Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author-poetess 

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