Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sacred Inner Sanctuary and the Manifestation of True Self

Step out of your old self. Become a true change within you. Become the change in the world.

World needs changes.

People need changes.

They crave to watch a great difference, something provocative in a spiritual way to say, or in a literal way of speaking.

Look at the news feed and you might see a lot of interesting issues .What is offered to people to watch on screen, and what mental food people choose to be fed with .

Suddenly they realize that they are fed up because of the trash they are fed with from media.

Watch the word “feed “ ! It’s everywhere!

Info is a very close relative to “feed”. Info is a means of feeding people’s minds.

What are they pleased of being fed with? Are their minds nurtured by Love and Loving thoughts or abused by violence, sexism,  and hate in news  and media?

You wonder why they accept all these subliminal messages on sexism, corruption, abuse, hate, wrath and control in music industry.

All these messages are constructed by means that are derived from control-lovers.

The content of these messages itself is one of control based origin and outcome.

All these non-benevolent signs are coming from non-benevolent origins, in order to molest, harness,  and finally control  people’s hearts. Not all hearts, but only those who are weak hearts.

Manifesting  your True Self , your inner sacred sanctuary  within your heart , the sanctuary of Love , then you attain  your own mastership.

Needless to be told upon your own True Path , because you are the only one who deeply knows pretty well what this Path looks like .

You know why you followed this Path, the “The less travelled road” instead of the crowded one.

Finally you are the only one to ascertain your abilities. So no one might be judgmental over you , because he or she hasn’t the right to do so ,except our Almighty Prime Creator.

“Do not judge so that you will be judged” –Jesus Christ

Newsletter January 2012 
from series the "The Light of the Dawn"

Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual writer-poetess 

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