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Climbing up to Heavens or staying down in the pit?

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Climbing up to Heavens or staying down in the pit?

Waking up today and playing the role of the housewife ...

Well the role of housewife easily replaces the role of the spiritual author,poetess,the role of spiritual teacher AND the role of civil servant

Being a housewife sometimes is the biggest thing in the world.

It's because this role is a bit truthful in some way.

It's a way to survive in a really demanding ( and mad ) world ,and carries a sort of risk (another wow!).

Yes,it's been really risky to satisfy the needs of your family and never fail to be perfect on the role you adopt in this fake reality.

I admit that leading  a non - competitive and non-promotional lifestyle aka being a working wife and mother, and not a fashion victim and provocative celebrity (or VIP), does not skyrocket me to the heavens of book marketing list of best sellers.

You see in the world of fake icons and fake lifestyle people want to buy things that first of all do not threaten their existence and do not change their status,and secondly those things GLORIFY their lower instincts.

That means drama-sex and inner complexes are the top list .

Hundreds of ideas and time are spent on this three things,because their are highly driven by so many lower and so deceptive ego-driven (too) needs like egoism,lust,incapability to overcome physicality ,lower ambitions and more.

This is why so many spiritual teachers and authors are hidden in the shadows although they place new values and ideals upon this Planet.

People are totally blind in Light that springs up from true Hearts (Souls).

When they are given a hand to climb up the hill,they decline it.

Sometimes it's better -according to their logic-to stay down on the pit instead of climbing up to the Heavens.

Only's raining in people's Hearts and the pit of emptiness is full now.
Who is going to escape in the darkest time ?

Katerina Kostaki

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