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Friday, November 23, 2012

Squidoo Lensmastery and more news!

Hello dear fellows
I've been away for a while from my common activity including Facebook and this blog.
Earlier this month my Facebook account was hacked and immediately locked by the Facebook authorities for my safety .
That was an accurate and rightful action indeed,but it took me three or four days to calm down as the authorities denied access unless I was capable of proving them that I!

Anyway ,my account is now active (more than ever!) as well as all groups and pages of mine.

Now the good news!

Twitter has updated our profile account so that we can enter a header with a special image ,one that can be seen by all people.

So I chose the best one that fits with my activities.Take a look on my account on Twitter.

Moreover I would like to invite you to follow my steps on my SQUIDOO LENSOGRAPHY.

I have already published 25 lenses, and the recent one is about Christmas (Click here).

The most important thing is your contribution to my ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT SPIRITUAL AND ESOTERIC LIBRARY lens ,where you are welcome to add your own books or recommend those you admire as the best on the  lists of this lens.

Do not forget to post your comments,viewpoints, or give me your feedback on this lens ! 

Love and Peace 

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