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Each being is a house of God ~ Osho Vision

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     Each being is a house of God, each being is a temple of the divine. If we are not aware of it we go on living a very miserable life; if we become aware of it, life becomes sheer ecstasy. 

The only difference between a Jesus and you, between a Buddha and you, is that of awareness. They have awakened and you are fast asleep, otherwise there is no difference at all: the same God who resides in them resides in you. But in you something is asleep; in them something has become awakened. 

The word "buddha" means the awakened one, whose sleep is gone.

     We are in a metaphysical sleep. It is just as in the night when you fall asleep you start dreaming and the dreams appear real, absolutely real; you trust them, you believe in them. In the morning when you wake up it looks so ridiculous – how  could you have believed in them? But when they were there and you were asleep, you believed them.

 The same is the situation on a higher plane: when one becomes metaphysically awake one cannot understand how one could have believed in money so much, in power politics so much, in name and fame so much. How could one have believed in the body so much knowing that death is happening every day, all around? How one went on living as if one was not going to die at all!

     But right now when you are metaphysically asleep all these things seem to be very real. Somebody insults you and it looks so real, somebody praises you and it looks so real, but when you become metaphysically awake, meditatively alert, all these things start fading into dreams. Then it doesn't matter whether you are insulted or praised. Nothing that matters right now matters at all.

     Your name will remind you continuously that a god is hidden inside you. You have to search for him, and the only way to search for him is by becoming more aware, more alert, more mindful. All the methods of meditation are nothing but techniques, devices, to bring awareness to you, to shake you up, to wake you up.

*OSHO VISION excerpted from: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) * Don't Let Yourself Be Upset By The Sutra, Rather Upset The Sutra Yourself (a 46th      darshan diary)  * Chapter 10  * Osho talked to Ma Dev Agar – Pippa                         * Page 99 & 100                      * First Edition: July  1985 * Friday,  August  10th       1979  7-00.p.m. * Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Poona, Maharashtra, India.

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