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Saturday, January 24, 2009



Write a letter to yourself

Have you ever thought of writing a letter to yourself?
Does it look odd or irrational to do such a thing?
Actually, it is not an irrational attempt to write down a few lines describing your dreams and expectations.
Maybe each one of you, including me, has a long term experience by writing on your diary or memoirs of each day.
This private writing is different from posting your letter to yourself and shares all your thoughts with… yourself.
It is a warm message that comes within us and allows us to supervise our capability to control ourselves, to gain inspiration, self esteem and faith in ourselves.
It’s true that most of us criticize ourselves for not being the perfect persons we should be, as we perceive ourselves from a less admirable level.
How much inspiration could a pen and a paper enter in our life?
Inspiration is abundance…
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