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Saturday, October 17, 2009


"I begin my song with the Heliconian Muses;

they have made Helicon,

the great god-haunted mountain,

their domain; their soft feet move in the dance

that ringsthe violet-dark spring

and the altar of mighty Zeus.

They bathe their lithe bodies in the water of Permessosor

of Hippocrene or of god-haunted Olmeios.

On Helicon's peak they join hands

in lovely dancesand their pounding feet awaken desire."

(Hesiod, Theogony, 1-8)

Greek Mythology, a spring of knowledge and wisdom itself, introduces the legend of Apollo and Muses, who used to walk on holy mountain Helicon (a mt in Beiotia, a region in central Greece) and bath in the Hippocrene Spring located on it.
Apollo represents Light, Harmony, Melody and Insight, and Muses Culture, Art, Poetry, Creativity and more.
Hippocrene Spring was considered to be the source of poetic inspiration and this is the myth’s origin as well.
Actually Hippocrene derives from the Greek word “hippos” (en.: horse, original Greek word: ίππος» ), which is actually the horse named Pegasus that created this spring, when aiming his hooks on the rock with such a force then a fountain appeared on it.
Exploring this Greek Myth we comprehend that inspiration is particularly a Divine gift that resides in Higher Spheres.
Inspiration is a pure energy that springs up under some uncertain circumstances, but usually performs a series of magnificent sentiments that could be described as heavenly orientated ones.
However someone might discover this source when he detaches himself from materialism and follow a spiritual way of life reconnecting with Spirit.
Hippocrene Spring could be regarded as the channel for a divine river of wisdom, a genuine and conscious Presence, thus Cosmic Consciousness .
This is why myths are always a key to the inner journey and reconnection to Cosmic Consciousness.
This sacred territory resides in a secret inner part of ourselves that we should investigate during inner journeys.
Our inner source of Light connected to all sacred places on Gaea is our path to this Divine Power .

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Spiritual author-poetess
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