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Friday, September 25, 2009


"Everything begins from the beautiful ideas that spin into your mind and look like small birds that seek branch to nest.

Afterwards the ideas nestle in the heart centre and take shape.

They change forms, colours and various pictures, make their appearance as a small torrent that flows fast, seeking exit. An ear-splitting rush, a palpitating landscape, an inexhaustible source of knowledge...

Then you seek way and means for writing! You record what you see and hear, while no one else can do it!

You are ready to see your dream taking shape and having effectuation. You feel proud for your creation!

It’s your spiritual child and you love it. You are ready to put an appearance to the world and transport all issues you have written and portrayed with the best words. You are ready to come out in the world and transport your messages.....

The writing is poetry, is a gift and talent.

Beyond words an entire world is hidden, that nobody can imagine nor dream.

It’s for those who walk along the path of writing, letting themselves be free and so immerse into an ocean of words and pictures.

Indeed writing is a song only for a few.

It is a melody for those who tend to be non- aligned with each restriction.The rule of the lofty, free thought is the redeeming ply in the space of writing.

Katerina Kostaki Author-article writer "

Today I will attempt a return back to past for benign reasons, for sometimes this inner journey should be targeted- from time to time - at a different direction .

Probably in this way we lift up memories not only useful for all authors ,counsellors , artists , healers, but for the whole world .

Four years ago I wrote an article, one of my the first steps in the freelance article writing area, without the slightest idea of going to deal with this part of creative writing.

The original title of the article was: «The gift of writing» , simply stating the necessity of writing.Essentially it was a vast , unexplained emotion, an impulse that impelled me to write this note as a kind of reinforcement for people who do allow their creative self spring up from mind restrictions.

I am not quite sure whether this impulse overcame people’s everyday obligations connected with firming indecisions to express themselves, but surely it was supposed to be an hymn to worldwide writers who convert their images into words as a reflection of their effective imagination..

I should confess that in my attempt to move on in this evolutionary path as a creator of new ideas affiliating the great purpose of assisting as many people as I could, I had to deal with a lot of challenges, denials, non acceptances and rejections.

I have to admit that I am not a “child” of marketing and I do not belong to any sort of community nor circles.

Anyway, watching myself sitting in front of my computer’s screen, I am holding in my mind the fact that since then I have transformed my life in a such a way that writing was only but the ticket to spiritual abundance and self knowledge.

No one had ever considered that pure imagination could skyrocket me to heavens and convert a plain life to an amazing one!My “The gift of writing “article was a non revealed expectation to withdraw inspiration and above all forward an immense message for people to follow their heart.

My message is more enchanting nowadays.

Yesterday is gone, and I carry on with more impressive icons in mind, less insecurities and a deep feeling that whatever effort we make is not useless.

Do not allow past be a restriction, nor a tricky thought of inevitability. Moreover do not allow anyone intervene your attempts and so diminish the accomplishment of your goals.Trust yourself and your power.

Love yourself so that you may love mankind.Allow Light intervene and become part of you.

Forces of Light are your ultimate allies in this world, so do not spoil this alliance with interfering gloomy actions.

In this plane of existence the only word I should express is Gratitude to God and Forces of Light for their support and assistance.

Their support is the Alpha and Omega of our essence.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual Author-poetess


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