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December Energies And Their Impulses by Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.
What a compelling energetic month we are in the midst of with the energies of dynamic transformative radiant Love pouring in and through us that began on the portal day of the 11-11 and continue during the portal days of the 12-12 and 12-21.
Combined, these three portals form the Triad Star Gates of Love where both negative and positive energies are neutralized and become One Pure Energy of Love. Key words are Love and Neutralized.
Never before has this pure and loving Trinity of Energy, one after the other, been dispensed in and through us, impulsing us rapidly time and again to stoke the fires of our own intuition, reminding us that it is time to become One Pure Energy within ourselves.
Some may wonder why, if this energy is Pure Love, do I feel turbulent or even aggressive energy? The short answer is that this highly stepped up energy finds the places in each of us and in the mass consciousness (which we are linked to), where love is not. It purposefully stirs the pot, if you will, to bring up the particles of shadow energy, not yet healed, and not yet neutralized.
This Trinity of Energy is going for our cure, not necessarily our comfort, in the moment. Every step we actively take to becoming closer to who we really are, and act in accordance to that, we are going to find ourselves feeling beyond comfortable. (Keys below will help).
Master Lao Tzu said, "Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength." Indeed!
Apart from being informed of this energetically compelling month, there truly is an urgent call to us from the benevolent Cosmic realms of consciousness asking us to play, cooperate and pro-actively engage in the powerful energies that afford us the opportunity to get closer to becoming One Pure Energy - the very essence of who we truly are.
Love, expansion, renewal, insight, and absolute ability to move further into our ascension are being offered this month through the impulses that I share below.
On these two magnificent portal days each of you will be actively impulsed (and fully supported) in three predominant ways.
I have listed the impulses below from first to third. Each impulse can and will be felt within you in whatever order is necessary to engage you into a pro-active state with them.
For some, the impulses have already begun, and actions born solely out of authenticity and love are being taken. These December impulses will assist to strengthen and focus your present and future actions evermore.
For many there will be an exquisite burst of Love that accompanies these impulses and a deep knowing that a cycle of personal disharmony has ended and a harmonious new one begun. You will continue to make discoveries about yourself you have never made before.
On both the 12-12 and the 12-21, it will serve you greatly to put yourself in a receptive, undistracted state of being for as long as possible. (If you can't go long, go for short, but make it a concentrated short). You don't have to go into meditation, just enter into an openhearted stillness so you are able to feel into the energies and impulses and turn them to your favor.

The first impulse will be to make the leap from dual nature to authentic nature, once and for all and all of the time. There is no getting around the fact that wherever duality is, harmony is not, power is lost and chaos ensues. This is not the state of an ascended being.
You are being supported to investigate, and then let every component of your dual nature be transmuted, regardless of the logic of your mind or the opinion of others. This first impulse requires your undivided, kind and gentle attention.
You know the difference between your two natures. Unlike your dual nature, your authentic nature isn't at war with itself. It's the nature that has completed its fascination with conflict, separation, imbalance, drama and story.
It's the one that has no relationship to "I can't" and a strong knowing of I can, for I AM. Your authentic nature, once accepted and worn powerfully, humbly, honestly, and continuously by you, will both energize and support you in your ascension, in your joy, your relationships and your life's work and service. It is the wearing of a dual nature that has been the cause of humanities exhaustion, discord and lack.
You are being impulsed to act only in accordance with your authentic nature from this day forward and as such, you are promised all of the Universal support and magic to start anew or continue on your decisive intentional harmonious journey forward.
Grab your power, harness the energies in the moment and step into the real you. Then watch what happens to your reality!
Suggestion: Monitor yourself. Make 7 stops during the day and ask yourself this question. Am I being real? Yes or no are your only choices. Be honest and course correct anytime. There is no penalty for honesty.
The second impulse will prompt you to allow your heart to burst wide open.This will be your life's greatest blessing. Being openhearted, transparent, vulnerable and unrestricted will change the course of your life, and make a difference in the heart of humanity.
Please know that your life experiences were never intended to be heart attacks or provide material for you to build walls out of. Only your mind would tell you that an experience of the heart was an excuse to shut it down.
Love travels far and wide through every open heart. It is the only healing agent in existence. The more joy and love you flow from your heart, and into your heart, the greater the chances for a mass healing in human consciousness. In addition it is the only chance for our beloved Mother Earth to heal from not only a blatant disregard for her, but from the negative emotions that we have all put into her, while walking on her back. Love is the only way for all of nature to thrive, and the animal and mineral kingdoms to be safe.
During these portal days you will feel frequency pulses of the One Pure Energy around your heart chakra as the magnificence of this energy bores through ancient walls. Release your pain, the emotions and the stories and allow your heart to return to its original state. It cannot function behind walls or lock down and it cannot be selective about what it will or will not open up to. Let it be free, you are safe.
Many ask, "How may I best serve the Light?" The answer: open your heart.
Allow your heart to become the instrument of your affection and diligently learn the ways to think through it, rather than around it.
Suggestion: Each morning consciously engage with your heart. These words will help you. "Beloved heart of mine, the portal to all that is. I enter into you humbly and unguarded this day. I deposit my stories and excuses outside of your gateway. They no longer serve me. Please guide me through every step of my day. Beloved heart of mine, I set you free. I love you. I trust you. I will follow you. Together we are free.
The third impulse will be to let your imagination run wild. If you pay attention you will feel these energetic impulses stirring things up that have been buried deep, deep inside of you, things you may have barely dared to let come up and into the Light of day, for fear they would be looked upon as foolish, unlikely or impossible to accomplish. Everything in alignment with your authentic nature is possible. Everything.
You are being impulsed to let your imagination run wild to motivate you towards your passions and away from passivity. Passivity comes from a dual nature, exhausted by its fight to survive.
You are neither too old nor too young to build the life of your dreams starting now. Let your imagination run wild. See the end as your desired state and run with it. Bring your dreams to life first through your imagination, and then by your actions. Imagine God as your partner, and go for it.
A life lived without passion is an incomplete life. The upper regions of the 4th dimension and the entire 5th and 6th dimensions have no interest in hosting any who have separated from their passions. If you've separated from your passions, you have separated from your soul. Let the energy impulses assist you in realignment to this most significant part of yourself.
Suggestion: Every day go into stillness with eyes wide open for 20 to 30 minutes. If you can go outside and gaze at the sky while doing this, please do. If you can go into nature and do it, please do. If neither are available for you stare deeply into a crystal or the flame of a candle.
Ask your imagination to come up and play. Don't judge anything that comes up as absurd. Write down everything that your imagination delivers to you. Your imagination will lead you away from third dimensional restrictions and stagnant states of mind. Follow it. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." William Blake was quoted as saying, "Imagination is human existence itself."
As we close this cycle of time, and enter a new one, foreign in great part to what we are conditioned to, it is vital to employ the ways in which to direct your life purposefully. It is my prayer that the articles I write each month serve you in doing so, along with the many broadcasts on The World Puja Network. You are the steward of your most precious life. Be the best steward you can possibly be.
If you could imagine yourself as a great steward, what would that look like and how would you act?

Copyright Maureen Moss 2009.

Please feel comfortable to share this with others. I just ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

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