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Friday, June 25, 2010


Are we worthy to manage the world around us, if not equipped enough to manage ourselves with clemency and condescension;

Long time ago (September-October 2008) a worker of Light uploaded a video in the well known to all of you YOUTUBE carrying wise messages from Light Forces.
What has been engraved in my mind so far is the following phrase of Light Forces: «in order to heal the world (humanity),you should first of all heal yourself ...».
It is a great truth, the meaning of which I recently began to fully understand.
The experiences gained along the life course derive from our academic knowledge, as well as from friction with the everyday life and our reconciliation with people.
A perfect combination of theory and practice.

Several times along this life course we encounter people , who hold something important to say.

So listen to them very carefully...

The gift of listening is very important on counseling (and not only ...).
Before speaking , we should first listen to what people we consort with are stating.
We should be good listeners before we become good speakers.

We arrive at this world to mutually and faithfully reconcile with everyone, and through this reconciliation find our inner path independently from attachment, idealization, hallucinations and humans’ or situations’ deification.
Good or bad experiences might not exist in the strict sense usually commonly defined, but all are challenges in life.
Perhaps along this path most people do not remember their purpose of life and their connection to their inner self and thus they are driven to an opposite shore.
They see enemies lurking everywhere when none exists or consider they are infallible.
But as the Earth’s vibrations are raised we are compelled or challenged to redefine ourselves as entities, cause we do not act separately from this planet upon where we all live, our mother place, as well as universe , particles of which we all are.
If our “ inner universe” does not follow this shift into another frequency range, we must reconsider our goals, contemplating our journey so far in life.
Surely this action is apparently one of great difficulty, because it deals with areas that hurt .Probably areas that copy with “ego”, a false piece of us identified with our mind.
Essentially it is a risky dive in the deep waters of our subconscious while being connected with the invisible net of our inner self.
We glance our old self using our new eyes, mostly naked of the blinkers and hallucinations.
Our inner ocean contains errors made in the past , experiences that have not been evaluated up to date , decisions already taken, choices, a heavy cost.
It is a mental-emotional-soul cleansing, a redemptive gesture, which eventually releases us transparent and real in the eyes of a spectator.
It’s our spectator in a film that is our Existence.
Recognizing all the above we move on powerful , ready for new decisions. Through this recognition someone is sensing moments of absolute redemption, because the final determination is that life treats us in a warm heart coming way.
Allowing the supreme feeling of gratitude spring up, heart center is activated and spreads waves of love.
This supreme power enriches us with new momentum and progress (growth), so that we may drift around the whole world on a path of joy and blessings.

With Love and devotion

Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author ~ poetess

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