Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores)

Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores).

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Twin Flames ~messages from the Soul ~Part 3

I’m letting my feelings show me the way...
Those are my valuable guides along my life's journey ...
My feelings stem from the wonderful resource

emitting angelic light derived

from my guardian angel and all my spiritual guides ,

whom so much Ι love and by whom I am loved too.
It’s the most valuable gift inherited

from the spirit world that dwells within me.
My feelings, my precious gems …
"Let yourself set at liberty
from what holds you firmly close to Gaia
Open your wings to fly to the open sky
Allow your inner voice as a precious amulet
shine and spread like ethereal touch
On a bright Universe "

All rights reserved

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual author ~ poetess

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