Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores)

Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores).

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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I am holding in my hands my recent contribution to CLH MAGAZINE ISSUE No 6 (CONTEMPORARY LITERARY HORIZON ) with which I 've been contributing since 2009 .
Thanks to my wonderful friend and editor of this special magazine Mr Daniel Dragomirescu!

Needless to say that such a contribution could only be estimated as a blissful opportunity to cooperate and co-create not only with a multicultural magazine , but an invaluable community of artists , authors and poets around the Globe .
Yes , I know that I've already mentioned in previous posts of mine ,how miraculously this magazine intervened my creative life , but such a miracle occured to me could hopefully be a tiny piece of Divinity that interacts with my inspired and motivational walks in my path to global awakening and union to a spiritual oneness .
Regressing to memory imprints of my ex-efforts to establish my network and promote my work despite all my hard work , still many people were denying that someone could possibly be the means of inumerous inspirations , expanding her talents and God-given tasks .
The fact that someone is inherited with a luminous talent and the potential to deal with her insecurities , fears , obstacles and a constant refusal by non - creative people , many times becomes a reason for jealousy and more rejection arises instead of acceptance, love and undestanding.
On the other hand , the fact that many people keep sending their love and beautiful messages is a help and support for me to go on and never be prey to any denial and malevolent attitude .

So, I would like to mention that all poems posted in CLH MAGAZINE (and more ) could be read in my recent published book of poetry entitled "Cosmic Light" .

This book is available on book's official webpage :




You may also watch my new video on this book of poetry on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (click on the channel to go directly to my page on Youtube ).

Love and blessings

Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author~ poetess

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