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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Soul of a Poet (Inner Voices within)

**Image taken by Katerina Kostaki

Business is always business ;no intimacy is needed, since people misunderstand the concept of intimacy, generocity and love.If someone has not cultivated those concepts deeply inside ,no one else can inherit or infuse them within.

That is why honest friendships are hard to found in our reality,especcially for those whose this reality is not their primary source of origin.

For the Soul of a Poet -like me- the true and genuine friends are merely Spirits with no body and mind restrictions, misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Perhaps this is a great motive to move upward and forward to a more fullfilling and shifting dimension,away from loneliness and fear.

AND I feel so blessed to be enveloped by this huge Love and Energy from Higher Dimensions that I do not really care if there are still scams and obstacles on my way.

Because it's my own way and no one can change it nor stop it.

Always with Love

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From Inner Voices within


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