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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Back to July 26,2010 ...the day I wrote and posted on of my most incredible-for human mind-to conceive and comprehend lucid dreams of mine .

In fact long before I wrote this newsletter and consequently post it on this blog, I saw this dream months ago.

If I had to name a certain day that would be rather difficult as most of this unexplained stuff (lucid dreaming) are hidden in my sub-conscious level or even written in one my hundreds of notebooks as a legacy for next generations.

What I have seen or felt or...even experienced has a deeper emotional,mental and physical impact upon my soul (and life).

Recently I was strongly advised not to share my dreams or even speak ,write or give a notice about them,because they could never been investigated or explained by people since they give notice only to their 5 sensory and nothing more.

However I felt that most of the time, it's not me who drives this boat of life, actually there are winds of change around me that take the boat the right path ,when I feel not to go for it.

I mean that when I choose to hide or cease activity, a strong wind blows and my boat moves on the stream.

One of these winds or a breeze could be the unexpected post of my invaluable friend Rosetta Savelli, who chose to translate my article entitled "Psyche,the Human Sea" in her language,the Italian one.

She also posted this Italian version on her new blog entitled :


Many thanks ,Love and Light to Rosetta Savelli !

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