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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Exploring The Star of Bethlehem

This great and almost impelling inner impulse to study unkbown and absolutely unseen forces was strongly motivated by the childish and amazing talent to convert any event and situation into Creative Inner Artwork, another psychic mastery of my imperative soul to use a certain gift :Creative Imagination.

  What seemed a childish dream, daydreaming or foolishness in the eyes of other people was a converted or masquaraded gift to discover beauty, magic and inspiration to a dreamland where no man has ever gone before ...An genuine inspirational mind (a creative one,I guess).

Over the years this magical feeling and research was hidden under the dust of conventional reality with a surficial covering of a scientific non-competence.

But what has been left is purely hidden in our souls,and this purity of magic and soul innoncence is entirely derived from our star origins...the source of our coming and birth, a nostalgia to go back to our home and feel again like home.

No one absolutely has any chance to steal our desire to go back to where we belong, a return that can be accomplished in many ways, in case our bodies could not succeed an uplifting to Higher Spheres, our souls and minds do travel through gates to our source of origin.

Using our Creative Imagination every lightyear and every obstacle can no longer be a limitation.

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