New Publication:INNER VOICES WITHIN © Katerina Kostaki

New Publication:INNER VOICES WITHIN © Katerina Kostaki

I am so happy than ever! My brand new book "INNER VOICES WITHIN" or simply the messages from my Guardian Angel in a BOOK ...

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Inspirational Cosmic Love and Light Book Campaign on is Over!

Well done!

Officiall my campaign on has come to an end. 

I would love to thank all friends and followers, who contributed and shared this campaign or not,  especcially those who wrote and supported my motive in a harsh reality we all live in.

Thankfully this motive is still apparent in my heart no matter what, a sparkling flame of my spiritual truth that has nothing to do with aspects and allusions many people have had over the years.

This campaign has given me lots of treasures;Finding the truths of our life is asolutely a TREASURE.

I learned to gossip my own Spirit and never fall for other people however seductive their proposals are.

A great treasure appeared in the name of friendship.

Friendship is not always someone who keeps sending messages on the chat , nor the one who puts lots of LIKES on FB.

Facebook is a social network, a marketing place , a meeting place.

But if you want to be opportunist that's the right place.It is also the right place to be a real friend.

You have the free will and You make the choice.

Personally I will never force anyone to be right, generous, and also be my friend, because this is the right Path of a WARRIOR OF LIGHT .

What I personally gained is the treasure of keep going on and continually testing my abilities and talents in a gloomy space .

Looking forward at the end of the tunnel.Good news are head with new friends and possibilities.
See you again in 2016!!

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