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Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores).

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Friday, June 17, 2016


Note from the author: People who haven’t  watched  GOT (GAME OF THRONES)  maybe they should start watching the series, or even better skip reading this article (useless  trial!).

Watching GOT S6E8 (GAME OF THRONES SERIES6, EPEISODE8), I realize how much close to reality fiction abides, and vice versa.

In what way – in a few words- creative writing and imagination imitate reality and vice versa.

Besides, this is the charm of both: experiencing  grandiose and adventurous situations, and also experience  fantasy with the same awe, as well as experience  the physical world.

Fancy  someone like me living   and experiencing both worlds and  universe double...

This double life exists both in the environment of physical reality and the alternative universe of imagination.

Creative Writing unites us with both universes,and interprets both sides to a creative material.

Sometimes the war of  two universes are equally poisonous and non likeable.
A GOT (GAME OF THRONES) war with all its glory.

As in GOT, reversals is a common everyday life event, such as violence, manipulation and abuse.

  Living in harmony is a miracle, a gift, a mystery, but withstands for a  very short time.

How close to the truth!

The concept of a good harmonious life is in danger alike the overthrow of power.

The ups and downs!

Here you do not need lots of  imagination to understand that one power and strength are provided with great fight and efforts, and struggles are not always bloodless!

There will always be a malicious or mischievous personality; you will be hunted wherever you are.

And on both universes there is no such a thing like peace and security.
Nowhere except within us.
This fact was strongly emphasized on  the battle (invisible) of Arya in yesterday's episode (6H Series Episode 8), which beats the opponent (Waif) in the dark.
Switching off the wax, keeping the light inside and her strength and faith in herself as well.
No enemy is unbeatable.

Those who believe they hold the first or the last word in a battle or life itself rather have misjudged.
Life is a poem, but plays great importance when  one reads and emphasizes the words.

Because life is poetry, but it can be literally a tragedy.

Furthermore poetry is written by a  few people anyway.

Next to  poetry someone must keep the scepter and banners and  a good weapon additionally.
Poets are being hated by many, but only a few defeated them.

Our reality, our life teaches us a lot and retrieve  even more.

As in our famous series GOT, you must give to recieve.

All have their price.
When for instance digging a pit for people regarded as opponent, essentially you dig your two meters own pit to fall within.

In some sequels of the series called "life", "reality" happens to be regained  in peace or bloodshed, but many times you need to fight and bleed.

It is wrong to believe that the sore or bleed is defeat.

It can be a gift or a blessing and a trap equally, like the one  multifaceted Waif fell in.
Then all the gods have the same facet, wearing a mask or not.

All Gods require sacrifices.

Who is available to offer?

Finally who is available to attend till the end, who are ready to experience the endless drama of life, and who in the finale longs to put an end to this drama by making life a glory, just as it should be?

Our life itself always gives the answer!

P.S. Read my answer to a question in  on  Jaqen H'gar whether he’s going to play on thefollowing episodes and season 7.

©  Katerina Kostaki
Visionary author-poet-healer



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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.




Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
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