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Cosmic Light & The Angels Planet available on online Bookstores (list of bookstores).

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Katerina's Kostaki Sεlεctivε Imagery on Instagram (@katerinakostaki1966) -What's new?

This time I chose to post  a few selective (Sεlεctivε tres sic!) images of mine posted on my  Instagram account.


Since many fellows admit that they have only visited this blog and not my social network accounts, I guess this is a rather nice oportunity to meet my Instagram.
The cause of this post is however discouraging and hearbroken when considered as a phony sarcasm or irony.

One of my phony fellows stated that on my way  might be standing a large number of paparazzi.Lol.

Which ironically means that I am not  famous star or a public persona.

Obviously I am not a famous star.

What stands on my way to the fulfilment of my dreams is  only but a large number of judjemental, hateful, oppressive and sarcastic people, who surely do not admire my creative and spiritual path.
BUT this discouraging cause looks like more encouranging and shifting when it is perceived from a different view.

I am not here to replenish the disability of the people to become their True Self nor to establish a long lasting battle who is and who is not famous.
Many people have given so much to their society and world as well but they are not VIPS.
If someone has open eyes he can see the truth.Otherwise he will ever be a puppet or a victim.

 *A memorable image from the CLUB FOR UNESCO ARTS, LITERATURE AND SCIENCE OF GREECE taken by a friend (!)

*This image unfortunately was  taken by my daughter.  

*This image was taken by a friend  (again)

*A selfie!! 

*The image was taken by Antonis Tsagronis. Absolutely lucky to have this image taken by a wonderful friend and photographer!

A photo posted by Katerina Kostaki (@katerinakostaki1966) on

A photo posted by Katerina Kostaki (@katerinakostaki1966) on


A photo posted by Katerina Kostaki (@katerinakostaki1966) on

Oops!!This is a simple creative quote of mine... 
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