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The issue has been suggested. It is multi dimensional and attractive....

I go through numerous magazine pages, web pages specially dedicated to the magical word "woman", I brush the dust off old and new books with pompous titles which refer to the female emancipation (did it really happen...?),

I read countless letters, emails, messages from hundreds of women from every length and width of the planet.

I seek the so called "female identity", the true, the genuine personality of the modern age woman, Ι trace back through every single historical event, every single effort which marked the eras, I analyze the infinite actions of immersion out from the outmoded social system which lies in wait in every corner of the planet, and the "would be labels" which attach themselves on the course of the female element along the path of life and I sink in contemplation.....

A planet full of experiences, knowledge and visions; an unbelievably inexhaustible world of nostalgia, a world which remains the treasure of all those who belong to the "woman's world".

I am really dazzled while traveling into the same paths walked by women like me, with dreams, a lot of dreams, and full of light, colors, desires and expectations.

The subject is absolutely exciting!!

Beyond anything else it looks like a magical journey of spiritual quest, as vulnerable as a butterfly's flying' into the vast historical map of humanity.

I feel everything so changing and fragile, it is worth it though!

Visions and words rush through my mind; questionings which deserve answers, serious issues which only a woman can answer.

I keep wondering for all those things most humans wonder today!

In the end I realize that amongst all this barrage of plethora of data I have forgotten the most important!

Far beyond everything and across the unrestrainable babbling and the endless articles about "woman's identity and emancipation", what is that stands out of the crowd is the truth that springs from the woman's course through the ages and through her uniqueness.

I wonder how those women from these far ages would feel, how the female nature and intuition would function, and what laws ruled at those times.., and what has changed today?

From the past until today women have traveled, fought, conquered and been conquered, met new opportunities but also shouldered a lot of responsibilities.

This is known to everybody and it's not original at all ....

Today woman quests a new identity and redefines her inner strengths by means of drawing new borders which compose female power, the "Modern Goddess".

Mother Goddess left her veils waving in the winds of eternity and forms ever after a very ancient image imprinted into human unconscious, but her myth exists into every woman.

She distinguishes through wonderful images that adorn every notable magazine (as is this one), through beautiful images of modern arts and communications, through women's desire to make their mark with their intense and pretty presences in every event.

Beyond anything else the one which matters is life itself and the quest of happiness which completes the portrait of woman's balance.

Very simple!

Happiness is simply the satisfaction of the mind and springs from our inner world when we build bridges with it.

Everything is in our mind!

First lesson then!

What matters is to do the right thoughts, to desire the outcome, to believe the reality.


We attract or create what we are thinking, and thus it is important (be careful) to think positively.

Second lesson

Whatever it is that we have desired, we visualize that it is happening in the present tense (at this point pretending also is a prevailing art!), even if we haven't believed in it yet. Bring yourselves in harmony with it.

Third lesson

Do desire to be happy and do believe into this happiness and this right of yours. Clear out your intentions and trust yourself. See yourself happy because you truly deserve it!

Feel gratitude inside you and stay loyal to your ideals!

Let yourself realize big dreams and go ahead filled with happiness and energy.

Transform yourself and provide him with life and energy! Love yourself and let this feeling prevail everywhere. While being in this wonderful feeling of love embrace everything, because it is here that the powerful law of attraction operates.

Let your true personality emerge shiny and genuine, attracting everything beautiful and meaningful, and giving the answers to your questions inside you in the genuine way you know!!!

Good luck!

Katerina Kostaki

Author-article writer

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