Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's talk about "beautiful relationships" !

What kind of feelings could emerge into the mind when someone is reading an article about relationships?
Is it ever possible that a title would be responsible for the creation of images and designs?
This title.... probably is!
The very first image that was formed in my mind while reading this -beyond anything else elegant title- was the image of an idyllic place immersed into the colors of a bright sunset (arising from an earthly tropical paradise.), in the middle of which there where two dominant human figures, which make the presentation of a loving couple complete.
Far away in the horizon, over a calm iridescent sea, some happy-go-lucky birds fly through a suspicion of blowing clouds
Similarly the boat of the so called " erotic " relationship, which travels in the open ocean, ignorant of the fact that although the sea may be calm some small and sly clouds are always lurking there at the end of the horizon.
Before the clouds bring the storm, just at this very cloudless beginning of a relationship or somewhere close to point "zero", we should take into account that some sort of preventive or frightening signs or signals aren't always there.
Everything seems to be perfectly directed, as in a chess match with specific players, rules and limits.
There was a time you were looking towards the same direction (or at each others eyes!).
How would it appeal to you today if each one of you was looking at a different direction?
Human relationships, especially the ones which involve both sexes, aren't always stable or solid though and that is because their characteristic features aren't either.
Women and men function in a different way and this is due to the continuous human evolution (genetic and hormonal).
Times have changed, but what about understanding?
The variety of understanding becomes apparent through communications.
As the walls which prevent us from apprehending our partner and vice versa keep rising amongst us, we have to turn to ourselves in order to find answers to the main questions:

What is our daily life?
Which cares have we undertaken?
What is our potential?
What is it that we are looking for in our relationship in the end?

The most honest reminder we can make is the fact that our life is overwhelmed with countless events, obligations, responsibilities, priorities etc.
The list goes on!
If you wish you can add some points.
Moreover this is the easy part!
The difficult one begins when we are forced to find vibrant answers to what is called "the deciphering of the partner".
Answers though come through life itself which is a constant source of experiences and knowledge.
Every single relation, therefore the erotic too, is simply the creation of an endless connection of various manners, thoughts and behaviors.
Everything is based on variety, on continuous change, on the unexpected.
Nothing is taken for granted!
Therefore making the effort to avoid or escape a relationship with our partner when it proves not to be so flexible or satisfactory seems like trying to escape from ourselves.
Our struggle to decipher our partner is a struggle to decipher our own feelings, our self, because it is only us who have the privilege to define the things we truly desire or search in order to improve our relationship (I wouldn't dare to say perfect relationship, because I don't know if there is one such.).
Our feelings and senses are a part of our personality and we are forced to manage them, in the way that we believe, according to our own "system of values"
Whether it is called communication, comprehension, discussion, body language, or inner quest and struggle, we must understand that this struggle happens first inside us and that there aren't any specific instructions or a manual to show us how to navigate the boat of our relationship.
What matters is to take the steering wheel of our life in our own hands, and to assume initiatives which will bring us into a calm, balanced relationship, where both members express their best, true and harmonious self.
Have a nice effort!

Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author- article writer

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