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Love, Understanding and Forgiveness (newsletter~ video)

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Please pray for people who are affected by the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan!

"Love, Understanding and Forgiveness "~ Newsletter February 2011 , "The Light of the Dawn"

“A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?”

What’s more inspirational and motivational than a bouquet of friendly heartfelt and encouraging messages ?
Gratefully, this book of poetry (COSMIC LIGHT) has been inspired by a bunch of various means including dreams ,visions and inner knowledge , but surely could never been launched, if not supported and encouraged by my special friends, who kept reminding me (when losing my self –esteem…) that what matters is to regain our spiritual essence and trust ourselves.
Yes, many of you could say that “Katerina , you’ve been saying (preaching?) that all of us we should remember who we are, learn how to trust ourselves and rely on ourselves ,share ,help and support without any exchange in life , trust Divine Guidance …” .
…but what about my own resistance when life and people that we keep meeting in everyday life seem hostile, negative and non-appreciative to our spiritual work?
Here comes the true essence of friendship and understanding in our life in addition to many lessons that we get along this journey (which is not only an earth grounded one, but a cosmic one ).
Lesson 1 is the fact that when life seems so miserable and when all are about you without any surface reason ,miraculously new friends or messages arise to join, embrace ,support and escort to a new passage or change in life.
Although many people still resist to see the presence of our Light and receive any delivered spiritual messages , there are still people who love to learn what Love is or share their love with more people.
And Lesson 2 that I have to admit and study more …is that many negative people and attitudes have come in our Life to teach us the importance of Forgiveness.
As we grow mature , we come to see that people who have a bitterful , negative behavior towards their mates /fellows are those who lack of Love and appreciation, even those people could be “me” and “you”, we all need Love and appreciation in our life .
That kind of Love and appreciation should be the ones that we should feed ourselves with .
We should Love ourselves .We should appreciate ourselves .
No matter what other people may state to beat , bite or suck our energy to survive , we are the ones to love and appreciate our selves .
So when I felt that I was not much appreciated and loved by my partners /mates/fellows , I was eventually so lucky to receive invaluable messages from friends close to me and distant too.
Distant friends have been a surprise in my life ;I could never dream myself so lovingly embraced by love and understanding by friends from various places in the world.
If you hold my spiritual book of poetry in your hands, just think that this book has been created and published because of this loving energy derived from Unconditional Love and unexpected friendship energy .
This is exactly what I feel when I touch the cover of the book and imagine the moments that I had not even thought of writing nor publishing it.
It all happened as a miracle , as it happens now that I decided to write down my thoughts on how much important friendship energy is in our life .
So , Lesson 3 is that we should never forget to be grateful for all help and support that comes from our mostly invisible , ethereal , cosmic “ friends ”, our Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides , every Spiritual friend who constantly watches and protects us …even if we sometimes deny to accept this celestial truth …
I would like to thank each one of my precious friends who send messages of great value and understanding that I really love you and thank you from my heart for being so close to me .

Love and blessings
Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author~poetess
Cosmic Light , book of poetry

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