Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 things about Katerina Kostaki

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Essentially, I noticed that it was rather hard for me to pick up just 25 issues of me and create a short description of my personality, my attitude, my life. 

How could I possibly discover the appropriate words to match with my experiences and release them to public? 

First thing that came up to my mind was the thought that this story looked like an new sci-fi story of mine …and secondly in case I am posing some very selective parts of my life, no one would believe all these events are true ;many people would probably believe that I am a fantasy creator or crazy…whatever.

Eventually life is a supreme game and my life a movie film with special events where I participate , but the truth prevails everywhere! 

1.Looking behind in space and time , I catch glimpses of my life as kid , in a gloomy house in a poor suburb of Athens, in the early ages of ‘70’ s, where cars were so rare and precious in our neighbor and we were so lucky to attain a TV among thousand citizens living without this instrument. 
I was the only child of the family .My father was working in ships, traveling all the world and had to live with my mother, not so easy years. 

2. I had to face up all sort of isolation, abandonment, malfunctioning family issues, humiliation, prejudice and loss of Love. It would be a lie to say that I was not affected by all this detrimental emotions and experiences, but no doubt I am a winner to overcome all of them and convert them into Unconditional Love and Compassion. 

It’s a miracle! 

Icons of another edition of “Katerina” are enclosed in a very-very unapproachable timeline , thankfully no return can be existing anymore. 

3. I remember my self in the age of 2 watching all sci-fi movies and TV programs, especially Star Trek , my favorite one. 

I had a deep love for Space, stars, mysteries , nature and a vast sense of a hidden reality beyond our eyes .I felt as if I knew more than a child of my age could gain and hold in its mind. 
It took me 35 years to “learn” that all this knowledge and more was hidden inside me… 

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