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Katerina's Kostaki speech-Technosfaira Event on Cosmic Changes and Greece of Now (English subtitles)

The Municipality of Haidari and the Technosfaira Group-Team of Greek Artist and Cultural Creators organized the 4th Artistic Exhibition entitled "Starring at Greece of Now...".
The Exhibition took place in the amphitheater of the Town Hall of Haidari 
A series of events were held along with the Exhibition on Friday 11th May to Tuesday 15th May 2012.
Spiritual author Katerina Kostaki participated in this Exhibition on Sunday 13th May 2012.

Intro: Good evening to all friends. I would like to thank Mrs Tampouri for the honour to ask me to participate in her personal creative efforts ,and all of you who honorably are present in this event.
I would like to read an article of mine which I wrote it 4 years ago,on 21-03-2008 to be exact and it has proved to be prophetic for every day we face up facts and events hardly we could imagine decades ago could happen in our world and in Greece.
The title of this article is "The Sympligades Stones/Clashing Rocks of Greek reality"


Greece has been going  through a difficult transitional period, one of those critical era or intervals, during which has been looking for her  

"Identity" among political, economic, social developments etc. 

Those critical era resemble the "Simpligades stones" of evolution, a transition from one state to another, where everything seems to be from shallow to boring, critical to dangerous, nasty  to dark. 

It’s an easy transition from one state to another, and looks like a kind of a "lesson" we- as a nation - should learn. 

Among the mass led and carried by various temptations, innumerable  negative influences, people and situations, still a pure quality , an image of people who’s thirsty for abetter and yet different state exist. 

These people live among us, walking, seeing, judging, and understanding the facts.

They are ordinary people.

Maybe they keep walking next to us invisible and unnoticed, because of their choice or because  conditions have created their complicated web in which have been  trapped in  the threads of insecurity, devaluation and even timid ness.

But still are there, waiting patiently for their turn to talk, react, and create. 

Just a little spark ignites  a fire. 

History has always been inscripted by ordinary people, whom probably we have never acknowledged , but they do exist in us, because history can not be exterminated.
People of modern Greece are tired by the morbidity, corruption and seeking for something "anew", a hopeful change. 

This "anew" is not related to political parties, with the outdated social fabric. On the contrary this anew is related to the substance of the  events. 

Those who insist on colouring  changes in our society, simply perpetuate the maintenance, the old way of life, merely  because they ultimately depend on this old way of life. 

How to justify their existence on the other hand?  

The old scene is shattered and no longer fits to the new one prepared to come into  surface. 

Changes in a society require sacrifices and insight, faith and desire for the best.
As citizens we should look for the quality, the preservation of our culture, the regeneration of our society, unity, love for the ideals, values, our over-crumbled confidence, but also seek for the disappearance of mistrust and arrogance.

We- as a nation- at least love people who are compiling this nation  and stop seeing in a ulterior and  one –eyed way. 

The changes come from within, when people believe in improvement and  our evolution. 

As a nation if we do not believe in us, it’s  difficult for other nations to believe in us.
I consider it of great importance that  we should re-evaluate  the conditions and actions we have to  undertake.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

By completing the recite of my  article, I would like to talk about the cosmic changes that manifest special  events upon Earth and Greece.

Past decades of the Earth Time were marked by a Call.

The trumpets of the Cosmic Change sounded within darkness mankind was trapped within over the centuries.
Among  the millions of people walking on the planet only a  few heard the Call.
Most people remained busy with the yells of the false self, trapped in their needs, their artificial desires and primitive passions.
Only a few heard the Call, but nearly all people who listened to it obeyed  to  the message defined by the Higher Cosmic Consciousness, the Soul of the Universe.
Among those lucky ones who heard and received instructions  was me .

All of us who participate in this Cosmic Being, remain patient and steady to  the proposals and challenges (since the attacks are not missed at all), and continue to convey Light and the Infinite Spirit to people who are willing to accept and listen to it.
The struggle of Light against Darkness is relentless and merciless.

The effort to convey cosmic  ideas not only is difficult to realize, but almost a super feat undertaken in order to perform ourselves.

It is not difficult for someone to understand that  the society within which we live is not acceptable to new ideas and new data.
New ideas have  always been igniting  multi-reactions, because of the resistance of the  fields, but also of the mental implants incorporated into the collective unconscious of Humanity.
To understand the magnitude of this incorporation looking within depth is needed instead of examining the surface  events.
Seek the causes and occasions over time, and descend into the tunnel of human fears and awe with patience, faith and perseverance.
Those who control mankind and by extension Greece have inserted  deep scratches in the human soul, having as a criterion  their lower, selfish intentions.
We carry a heavy load within us and forgotten memories from  the centuries and were born destined to experience Darkness upon Earth being switched off our memories, and past lives remembrances.
We forgot that we are holy children of our Creator and that we bear Light.
This is what the Call arrived to remind of, and that was only the beginning.
Today our planet is heading towards Light, but people still see darkness, the ashes and embers of a world which, alike the Phoenix is burned  to reborn from its ashes.
The change will not come in through the superficial, shallow and deliberate alternation of political figures and movements that do not control the threads of humanity, but certainly are controlled by sovereign controllers, which only aim is the fear and control.
This fear and control are the keys to their intergovernmental power   over   our country.
While Greeks keep  following  the beaten track and watch immaturely, myopically , selfishly  and superficially the  events, will nurture  such actions with their fear.
In the “Greece of the Now”, that’s  ravaged by unknown forces and components, only we can co-create and change the conditions for the better.
We are  isolated entities within the world of the Matrix, but we all together co-create the change in the world through our inner change.
If anyone is holding the world of people locked up, and systematically abuse our  psychology, we must let our soul follow the path,  rightfully defined for it .

We should  let our soul  breathe, and this only could happen upwards the only way set up for each human.

The path to Divinity and Spiritual Evolution.

For  each person who  is willing to change and ascend , Creator's hand stretches out and draws him  towards Light.
All other roads lead to chaos, despair and decay.
 Is this the road we truly wish to follow?

It’s your path, your own choice!

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

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