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Love is the greatest dance-OSHO VISION


     Love is the greatest dance there is – invisible, intangible, inexpressible, but the ultimate in celebration. It is a dance of energy; it is not material.
 It can happen when you are alone, a partner is not a must, one can simply be loving. It need not always be a relationship, one can sit alone and be in tremendous love.
     Relationship is only one of the expressions of it, relationship is only one of the materializations of the immaterial; hence relationship is a little gross.
 That's why nobody is ever satisfied by a relationship: the reason is one knows deep down the heights of love, but when you bring it to a relationship those heights start disappearing, it becomes something ordinary, it loses its sacredness, it becomes mundane. 
And when relationship becomes marriage, it becomes almost a commodity in the marketplace. It loses even that quality which existed before the marriage.
     All the heights are gone, now you are on the plain ground. It can be comfortable at the most, but comfort is not the goal; convenient, safe, but just to live conveniently and safely is not to live at all. Life becomes sharp as you move towards the heights, as you go beyond the material.
     Marriage is the lowest form of love. Relationship without any marriage is a little better because the law has not entered yet: the magistrate and the policeman are still out of it. Marriage means love is no more just love, it is law too. Now it is not only a private phenomenon, it is public. You are sanctified by the society, you are sealed by the government; now it is not your freedom to love or not to love, it is duty. When love becomes duty it is the ugliest; deformed it is, crippled, paralyzed, and one wants to wriggle out of it, but it becomes very difficult because it gives many comforts and many securities and many safeties. And the mind clings to those comforts and safeties, and the mind says it is dangerous to go out of it.
     Relationship is a little better because it is still private, intimate, a sharing of two individuals. It is not yet a social thing. It still has some poetry in it, some dance in it still.
     But the highest phenomenon is when love is a state and not a relationship. Not that you are in love, but that you are love. Then love reaches to the highest peak possible, and at that peak it becomes prayer, at that peak it is meditation, at that peak it touches the feet of God. It becomes a dialogue with the whole of existence. Then you are in dance, and the whole of existence is the partner – the trees and the stars and the mountains.
     Millions of people have decided to live at the lowest, that is marriage. A few try to get a little higher, that is pure relationship without any possessiveness. Only a few try it, and only a very few of those few succeed in it. It is a very rare individual who tries to live as love. That is the goal of sannyas: to live as love.

 *OSHO VISION excerpted from: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) * The Rainbow Bridge (a 45th      darshan diary)  * Chapter 28  * Osho talked to Ma Prem Nartano – Patrizia from the Milan, Italy  * Page   309 & 310  * First Edition: March  1985 * Sunday,  July 29th     1979  7-00.p.m. * Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Poona, Maharashtra, India.

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