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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Melody of Life is an imaginary, associative travel in the poetry of Nature.
Green pasture lands, immense extents of ground, scattered with trees of each kind, splendid aquamarine rivers and crystal sources.Places and spaces over a fictitious, unknown map of Mother of Earth.
Nymphs that once upon the time wandered in the leafy forests, Muses that berhymed sweet songs, Poets that shaped heady verses for love, chanting human existence and interdependence with Divinity.
Divine entities that coexisted with the human type in a primordial communication.Isn't that Nature's real presence as well as her gifts offered to us generously?
Charm and magic of Nature are our priceless bequest in a chaotic and contradictory society.When everything crumples under the pumping of human vanity, Nature is always there with a tender caress like an unique weapon against those who make us suffer.
Nature's existence is the greatest therapy for our daily impasses.
How many times haven't we realised the maintenance and existence of our culture through the unique ways of humans in the passages of Nature?
How many times haven't we turned our look there, in those places, where distortion has not leaned yet, seeking an exit from the adversities?
Nature is omnipresent, ready to accept our love and interest......

Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author-poetess
My article was published in "Postal World "newspaper in Mai 2006
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