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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


How easy can it be for a human to examine all these little truths that constitute his predicated presence in this reality?

Is there a small assessment for what every human has experienced, said or acted, consciously or unconsciously, a small or big course in time, like travel in an immense non - geographical space and in an unspecified time, in an ideal space-time, by manifesting a return to his past, with starting point the beginning of his life.
Naturally time arrow does not return back, however human thought accomplishes it, particularly with high speed!
This thought, imprisoned in our mind and restricted instead of left to blossom, constitutes our underlying, powerful weapon, although we have not realised it well enough.
One unidentified moment, not really wished for, reflects its uneasy glance on the past. It stares at some point of your life’s course in the passing of time that left its marks on your life’s book, and then simply........ it makes you wonder!
You don’t wonder, about what you did, but what you did not do! The choices that should have been made, the actions that you should have taken and have not finished by you, deeds that have never be done, when they should have.
Now, as you rest unconcerned in the loneliness of thought, having as a judge yourself alone, there’s no place where you can hide yourself, watch out or overlook.
Perhaps, then you contemplate the greatest importance of making conscientious and wise choices that fructify slowly (but surely), and bloom in proper time, heightening in a constant enlightened course, contrary to unconscious and irrational choices that as a comet heighten and afterwards throw you back to Earth.
However as a wise man uttered - each one is judged, not because he did something gloomy with malice prepense, but while having the occasion to make something brilliant and beneficial, he did not!
Values are sculptured, actions are recorded and works elevate.
Life Course always confirms that…….

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