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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Universal Law of Detatchment

One of the most important Universal Laws is the Law of Detachment stating that someone has to detach from outcome in order to attract something he mostly desires.

By attaching to the outcome all opposite to your desire elements will be attracted, instead of those you are awaiting for.

All we have to do is rely on God's Will as everything is acquired through detachment which is based on the deep feeling of resting in the total grace of Him.

Attachment means connection with anxiety and insecurity. Both of them cause unhappiness.

Evolution comes when people detach from security and known and follow the path of uncertainty.

Just make a statement of your desires and dreams and let yourself detach from how and when they are going to manifest in your life.

Surrender to God's Will and let yourselves accept he Universe's eternal assistance.It's a Universe full of Love, ideas and mercy.

No one should feel abandoned or alone. We are all children of a compassionate God, our God Father. He's the greatest Divine Power that dwells within us and empowers His beloved children with magnificent gifts.Indeed it's a Universe full of compassion with open gates to miraculous worlds, seen and unseen by travellers of imagination and Faith.

We should unchain ourselves from detrimental, poisonous negative feelings like resentment, hater, grudge, anger and replace them with unconditional Love.

Love is a healing mind remedy.

Love refines our consciousness.
Align yourselves with Divine empowerment and receive Holy Grace and fulfilment.

by Katerina Kostaki
Author-article writer

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