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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


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I should admit that Christmas is an unique celebration; I could say my favourite one.
So much colour and light assembled in a festive atmosphere, full of games, gifts, and dreams.
A lot of dreams.....
Most people consider festive Christmas days as something different, separated from rest –charged with stress -days of each year.
They are waiting with impatience something that they had possibly lost. As if celebration arrives in order to bring them something that is hidden or inaccessible.
Saying that all beautiful and magic things are closed in a box, which opens only during feast days, while in the remaining days is locked far away from the indiscreet eyes.....
The days approach and the important dates arrive.
Everybody is running to receive or better to anticipate.......but what?
The streets are flooded by thousands cars and frantic people that rush to get, to buy, many times shopping resembles as if having no meaning.
They simply buy just for........buying.
It seems that feast became habit from which people can not dislodge, because this habit has become merely a need or perseverance.
The message of Christmas was wrapped in a colourful wrapping of one expensive superstore and….it was lost.
People remained looking at the wrapping and not at the message.
However humble and modest appearance of Jesus on this planet had some message to deliver.
How many have you ever searched behind the labels and "sayings "of these full of energy days, look behind the screen of our life as well as all material obstacles, that Truth of Birth is Birth itself?
Birth of something New and Luminous during difficult occasions of this era, where people expected an Enlightened New Era to rise.
Jesus was born in a as much humble way as humble his life was. His teachings are diachronic.
The message of Christmas is hidden within events that happened during this period. Each one can seek and find his own personal message or find more messages.
May Light of Bethlehem be your personal inner Light that leads far from false, Light that leads to Truth.
I wish all of you to discover your path and follow this short destination to Truth, a path enlightened by infinite, unique Light!
Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author
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