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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Lensography on

1.Eros and Psyche, a Cosmic Journey into Light
 2. 25 things about me: a short and inspirational bio on my Spiritual Journey

3. The Sacred Inner Sanctuary and the Manifestation of True Self

4.Books ,writing, poetry and e-marketing

5.Write a letter to yourself

6.Writing and the purification of Self

7.Philotimo,Love of Honor and Ungratefulness

8.Exercise on Gratitude:How to begin the Path of Seeing

9.How to create an attractive and effective newsletter with Smilebox

10.Woman and pursuit of happiness

11.How to create the interconnection with Universe and New Earth through economic crisis

12.Mentoring and its importance in Self-Growth

13.Psyche ,The Human Sea

14.The great journey of Artists into Eternity

15.Ten tips for a healthy lifestyle

16.Spirit against Technocracy

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