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Friday, August 25, 2017

Fantasy Stories, an inviting Reading - © Katerina Kostaki

Greece produces  prominent, charismatic people, but also produces echidnas, snares and snakes always trying to smother the first ones.
Ask me to testify you what an enemy means ...
A Whole Life being a  Hercules life straggling snakes  ...
In the neighborhoods, at work, in "friendly" groups, the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing  became a coiled snake dressed in a man’s clothing, when not  choking or biting you.
And even worse ... the adaptable enormous snakes  are coiled up, when permitted on  condition  and  with great persuasion attract their likeminded fellows   by creating herds.
Luckily for me that I am making up stories from  these merciful acts in order to redeem the weak with strength and patience.

* Fantasy Stories, an inviting Reading (and not only)
© Katerina Kostaki
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