Saturday, March 26, 2011

Matrix’s dissolution and the chain of Light

I want to be honest ….

Truly a whole world around us is dissolved.

Matrix is dissolved, while what we might watch out are but only the ashes and embers .

Shadows of old patterns that collapse.

Frankly If I wished to offer you a remedy or relief, I could utter a tale, a fiction story, but it’s the reality that eventually spells it itself .

As the words are grounded and always rooted upon our reality, perhaps years after, words and thoughts might fortunately be turning to be well established within the souls of men.

Our life carries many different experiences, and those who firmly grasp to this school of life ( or reality ), they will be having the chance to learn a lot.

So whatever we possibly desire to learn, here comes reality to articulate, narrate or even impose upon us (if there’s no will…), though she is the higher performer in our everyday life.

Reality was constructed by humans and possibly the material was offered by other non-human - resources, sometimes playing the role of designer, or architect, for many different reasons.

Whether someone senses Matrix ‘s dissolution , everybody is looking for wishful solutions, sometimes quite painful.

I ‘ ve been looking for solutions and answers, that happily arrive in my life in mysterious ways.

What I learned long time ago is to continue dreaming what is mostly lovable , even though many people around me are trying to convince me not to or pose obstacles not to make it.

I keep dreaming all the time …

Something enlightens my way to the opposite bank, where the source of positive thoughts reside.

It’s the source of pure inspiration and energy.

The Power of Thoughts is unchanged and we only know but a small part of this force.

Perhaps this little stock of energy sustains us as much as needed.

Would it be occult, if I state that hidden sparks of development are enveloped within our thoughts?

I know it's hard to convince someone who is experiencing upheavals, financial problems, suffering, failures and negativity, never stop trying to change his thoughts.

When the wave of desperation strikes you, mind struggles to survive.

On this planet, evolution and development is the result of collective cooperation and conciliation.

Basically collective unconscious prevails.

Humanity can be awakened and
evolved only but waking up in her dream .

If each one of us awakes and enlightens people , only then we can move forward to cleaner and brighter paths instead of walking in the darkness of vanity.

When you offer your hand to a chain of love to pass the message of life and awakening , Light will be passing to each other .

Stretch out your hands and never doubt for those who call you to join the chain of Light, because they are the ones who heard the Call.

Newsletter March 2011

"The Light of Dawn"

Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual author~ poetess


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