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Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's been said that the greatest enemy in man's life is himself.
Once upon a time, wars were declared in open fields, under the merciless glance of a primitive Nature, beneath unknown skies, inside the dark paths of unexplained man's course, where everything seemed to be so indefinable.
Nowadays, our era compels us to seek for the dark path of self realization into ourselves, where our unique weapons that illuminate chaos and unforeseen is Faith and our Internal Force demonstrated against "unknown".
Let me entrust you that neither street nor means are familiar to us. Moreover outcome is ambiguous.In any case, it's not useless!!!
Although huge obstacles appear ahead, the journey itself rewards.
It's like a boat that sails with the oars of our souls, passing by obscure islands, Cyclopes and Laestrygonians, seductive Sirens and insatiable beasts.
We record our little "Odyssey" day by day, renaming words and thoughts.
What remains for the end is the Power of Love and Visualization shown in each effort we make.
Each vanity and acquisitiveness disembodies in front of this Power and what's left for the end is the crystal breath of a dreamed and purified route.

Katerina Kostaki

Author-Article writer

My article was published in "Postal World" Newspaper- April 2006

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