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Friday, October 9, 2009


We live and we move in overcrowded cities, exhaustive in a viewpoint of sense and benefits. Naked, arid landscapes in a planet that shakes the unbearable charges of decline, nailed on him by various impervious people, having no force to defend oneself.

Just a few humans perceived as pillars of values as well as graphic types in the loneliness of reality are impelled by an internal flame, and so create "Dreamlands" in a brutal reality.

Visualize the best, shape alternative realities and create our own future......... Strive is real, but what about result?

We shape our own plans with the clay of dreams for one and unique reason. ..

A unique motive exists in our life: Thirst for genuine Love!

It is being shown by our work, it's being presented by hearty, capital letters in the empyrean of humanity for letting be seen by humans, thus considered as assistance:
Thirst for genuine Love!
The notebook of dreams is filled by thousands of thoughts, pictures and behind them joined all lost words and more and more thoughts......

Can knowledge replace Love?

Why Love is under persecution?

Is there any cure for Love?

What if this cure exists?

Does anyone desire to taste it?

No, thanks....... I prefer Love!

Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Spiritual author-poetess

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«Thirst for Love “ appeared in “Kataigis “ and “ Pancretian News “ newspapers in October 2007
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